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Friday, November 14, 2014

Reminder that no TV for UConn opener

As I mentioned a few days ago, tonight's season opener will be the only UConn women's basketball game not on television.

The game is available on ESPN3 and the WatchESPN app. As a DirecTV subscriber, I know you can't get ESPN3 on DirecTV unless you happen to be on a college campus. I received an email earlier today from a reader who reached out to Frontier Communications (which took over AT&T U-verse in 26 states including Connecticut) and he was told that ESPN3 is not available and there is no timetable for adding it in Connecticut.

Below is the list of cable and satellite companies carrying ESPN3 from the ESPN site. If you don't see your provider on this list or haven't tried to watch events on ESPN3 before, I would suggest calling them to verify that they don't offer ESPN3.

ESPN3 Participating Providers 

3 Rivers Communications Website:
Access Cable Television, Inc.
Access Montana
Acme Communications
Advanced Communications Technology Website:
Alameda Power & Telcom Website:
Algona Municipal Utilities Website:
All West Communications
Allen's TV Cable dba ATVCi Website:
Alliance Communications
ALLO Communications
Alpine Communications Website:
Alyrica Networks, Inc Website:
American Broadband Website:
Antietam Cable Television, Inc. Website:
Ardmore Telephone Website:
Arkwest Communications
Armstrong Website:
Arrowhead Website:
Arthur Mutual Website:
Ashland Home Net
AT&T U-verse Website:
ATC Website:
ATC Broadband
ATC Communications
Athena Broadband Website:
Atlantic Broadband Website:
Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation (ATMC) Website:
Ayersville Website:

Baja Broadband Website:
Baldwin Telecom, Inc.
Barbourville Utility Commission Website:
Bardstown Cable Internet (BISI) Website:
Bardstown Cable TV
Bay Country Communications Website:
Bay Creek Communications
Beaver Valley Cable
BEK TV Website:
Bernard Communications Website:
Big Bend Telecom Website:
BitWise Communications, Inc. Website:
BLTV Website:
Blue Ridge Communications Website:
Brandenburg Telephone Co.Website:
Bright House Networks Website:
Bristol Tennessee Essential Services Website:
BroadbandCTI, LLC Website:
BTC Communications
BTC dba Western Iowa  Website:
Bulloch Telephone Cooperative Website:
Burlington Telecom Website:
Butler-Bremer Communications
BVU Optinet Website:

C Spire
Cable ONE Website:
Cable Services Inc.
Cable Systems of Nevada Website:
Cable TV of East Alabama
Cable TV of Stanton
CallUtah LLC dba SumoFiberWebsite:
Cam-Tel Company
Cambria Connected Website:
Cameron Communications Website:
Canby Telcom Website:
CapRock Tv
Carnegie Cable
CAS Cable Website:
Cascade Link LLC Website:
Catalina Cable TV Company Website:
Cavalier IPTV LLC
Mid-Atlantic : (800) 683-3944(VA, MD, PA, DE, NJ, DC customers)
 Midwest: (800) 374-5364 (MI, OH business customers)
 Southeast: (888) 432-4855 (AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, TN customers)
CC Communications Website:
CDE Lightband Website:
Cedar Falls Utilities Website:
Celect Communications, LLC
Celect-Bloomer Telephone Area
Celect-Bruce Telephone Area
Celect-Citizens Connected Area
Celect-Elmwood Spring Valley Area
Celect-West WI Telephone Area
Cencom Inc. Website:
CentraCom Website:
Central Cellular, LLC, dba COTC Connections Website:
CenturyLink Prism  Website:
Charter  Website:
Chatmoss Cablevision
Chesnee Communications Website:
Chippewa Valley Cable
Cim-Tel Cable, LLC.
Cincinnati Bell, Inc.  Website:
Citizens Cablevision - Floyd, VA
Citizens Cablevision, Inc.
Citizens Mutual Website:
Citizens Telecom
Citizens Telephone Cooperative Website:
Citizens Telephone Corporation
City of Auburn Website:
City of Monroe Website:
City of Sallisaw  Website:
City of Wilson Website:
Clarence Telephone and Cedar Communications
Clariti Media Website:
Clinton Cable Inc.
CML Telephone Cooperative Association
CNS Website:
Coaxial Cable TV
Colo Telephone Company
Columbia Power & Water Systems
Columbus Datacentric Website:
Columbus Telephone
Comcast XFINITY  Website:
Community Communications Company
CoMPAS Cable Website:
Comporium Website:
Comspan Communications Website:
Consolidated Website:
Consolidated Cable Vision, Inc. Website:
Consolidated Communications  Website:
Conway Corporation
Copper Valley Solutions Website:
Cordova Telephone Cooperative Website:
Cox  Website:
Craigville Telephone Co., Inc. Website:
Crestview Cable Communications
Cross TV
Crosslake Communications
CRST Telephone Authority
Phone: (605)964-2600
CST Communications  Website:
CT Communications Network
CTC - Brainerd MN  Website:
CTC Telecom Website:
Cunningham Telephone & Cable
Cybernet1, Inc Website:

Website: Dakota Central Telecommunications
Darien Communications Website:
Davis Communications Website:
Delcambre Telephone Co Website:
Delta Telephone Company
Digital Agent, LLC Website:
Direct Communications Cable Website:
Direct Communications Cedar Valley, LLC Website:
DISH  Website:
Dixie-Net, Inc. Website:
Dubois Telephone Exchange Website:
Duo County Telecom

Eagle Communications
Eagle Valley Telephone Website:
East Arkansas Cable TV
Elauwit Networks Website:
ElbertonNET Website:
Emery Telcom Video LLC
Endeavor Communications
Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation
EPB Fiber Optics
EPB Smarnet
EPlus Broadband  Website:
Etex Communications

Falcon Broadband Website:
Farmers Mutual (Stanton, IA)  Website:
Farmers Mutual Telephone Co. Website:
Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative Website:
Farmers Telephone Cooperative Website:
Fayetteville Public Utilities
Felton Telephone Company Website:
FiberNet Monticello Website:
Fibersphere Communications Website:
Fidelity Communications
Flint River Communications
Foothills Website:
Frankfort Plant Board Website: www.fewpb.comt
Franklin Telephone Company
Phone: 866-931-5256
Fulton Telephone Company Website:

GardenValley Website: Website:
GBT Communications, Inc.
GCEC Telecom Website:
GCI Website:
Giant Communications
Giles-Craig Communications Inc. Website:
Glandorf Website:
Glasgow Electric Plant Board
Glenwood Telecommunications LLC. Website:
Glenwood Telephone Company Website:
GLW Broadband
Golden West Cablevision Website:
Google Fiber  Website:
Grafton Technologies, Inc. Website:
Grand Mound Communications Website:
Grand River Mutual Telephone Corporation Website:
Grande Communications
Phone: 1-877-6 GRANDE
Great Plains Communications
Green Hills Communications, Inc. Website:
Green Mountain Access Website:
Greenlight Dunnellon Communications Website:
GTC Video Website:
Guam Cablevision, LLC Website:
GulfPines Communications, LLC
Telephone: (662) 401-3275
Gumlog Broadband
Website: www.gumlog.netHardyNet

Hargray Website:
Harlan Municipal Utilities
Hart Communications, Inc. Website:
Hawaiian Telcom
Hayneville Holdings Website:
Heart of Iowa Communications Cooperative
HEMC Broadband Website:
Hiawatha Broadband Communications
Phone: (507) 474 4000
Hickory Telephone Company
High Speed Utah Website:
Highland Communication Services
Hinton CATV Co.
Home Communications, Inc. Website:
Home Telephone Company (Minnesota) Website:
HomeTel Entertainment, Inc.
Hood Canal Communications
Hope - Prescott Cable TV
Horizon Cable TV, Inc.
Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc. Website:
Hotwire Communications Website:
HTC Communications Co.
HTC Communications, Inc. - IA
Huxley Communications

IGL TeleConnect Website:
ImOn Communications
InfoStructure Website:
Inland Networks
Innovative Cable TV St Croix
Innovative Cable TV St Thomas-St John
Inside Connect Cable
Phone: 469-417-0314
 Insight in Columbus, Ohio does not have access to ESPN3.
Integra Telecom - Prior Lake, MN Website:
Intermountain Website:
Internet Nebraska
Interstate Telecommunications Coop
Iowa Network Services
Phone: 515-830-0110 or 1-800-CALL-INS
 Only Kalona Cooperative Telephone and Clear Lake Telephone (aka Northland Communications) customers have access
Irvine Community Television, Inc. Website:

Kalida Telephone Company, Inc.
Kalona Cooperative Telephone Company
KanOkla Communications Website:
Knology Website:
KPU Telecommunications
Kraus Cable TV Website:
Kuhn Communications Inc.

La Porte City Telephone Company Website:
Laurel Highland Total Communications
Laurens Municipal Power & Communications Website:
Liberty Cablevision
Phone: 787-355-3535  Website:
Limestone Cable / Bracken Cable
LISCO Website:
LocalTel Communications
Logan Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Longview - Kilgore Cable TV
Loretel Communications Website:
Loretto Website:
Lost Nation-Elwood Telephone Co.
LR Communications Website:
Lumos Networks
LUS Fiber Website:
Lycom Communications, Inc. Website:

Madison Communications
Madison County Cable Inc.
Magazine Website:
Mahaska Communication Group Website:
Manning Municipal Communications Website:
Marco Island Cable, Inc. Website:
Master Vision Broadband Website:
Matanuska Telephone Association, Inc. Website:
McClure Telephone Company  Website:
McDonald Country Internet Service, Inc.
Phone: (417)-529-8450  Website:
MCTV Mediacom  Website:
Merrimac Communications Ltd.
Message Express Internet Website:
MI Connection Website:
Mid-Hudson Cable
Mid-Plains Website:
Mid-Rivers Communications
Midcontinent Communications  Website:
Midstate Communications
Milford Communications
Minerva Valley Telephone Co Website:
Mobius Communications Co. Website:
Monon Telephone Co. Inc. Website:
Morris Broadband  Website:
Moundville Telephone Co., Inc. Website:
Mountain Rural Telephone Coop. Website:
MTA Communications, LLC
MTC Cable
Phone: 845-586-3311  Website:
MTC Technologies
MTCO Communications Website:
MTE Communications Website:
Mulberry Telephone Company
Murray Electric System Website:
Muscatine Power and Water

Nebraska Central Telecom, Inc.
Nelson Cable Inc Website:
Nelson Telephone Cooperative
Nemont Communications Inc Website:
New Hope Telephone Cooperative  Website:
New Paris Telephone's Quality Cablevision Website:
New River Valley Unwired Website:
New Visions Powerline Communications, Inc Website:
New Wave  Website:
Newbreak Management Co. LLC dba Newbreak Communications
Newroads Telecom Website:
NewWave Communications  Website:
NineStar Connect
Nortex Communications
North Central Telephone Cooperative
North State Communications Website:
Northeast Missouri Rural Telephone Company Website:
Northern Telephone Cooperative, Inc. Website:
Northland Communications
Northwest Communications
Norwood Light Broadband
NPG Cable, Inc.
Nsight Telservices
NTELOS Media Inc.
Phone: 1-877-4 NTELOS or 1-800-262-2200  Website:
Nyecom Teleservices, Inc. Website:

Omintel Communications Website:
OneNet Website:
OneSource Communications
Opelika Power Services  Website:
OpenBand Multimedia
Optilink Website:
Optimum  Website:
Oregon Telephone Corporation Website:
OTEC Communication Company
otelco Website:

Palmetto Website:
Park Region Telephone & Otter Tail Telcom
Paul Bunyan Communications
PAXIO Inc. Website:
PBT Communications Website:
PEAK Website:
Pembroke Telephone Company
People's Telecom Website:
Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative
Phone: 713-272-4600  Website:
Phonoscope Cable
Pine Belt Cellular Inc. Website:
Pine Bluff Cable TV
Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc. Website:
Pinpoint Communications
Pioneer Website:
Pioneer Communications
Pioneer DTV
Plant Telenet Website:
Plantation Cablevision, Inc. Website:
Planters Telephone Cooperative Website:
Plateau Telecommunications Website:
Porchlight Website:
Pottawatomie Telephone Co.
Prairie Grove Telephone Company Website:
Premier Communications Website:
PRTCommunications LLC. Website:
Public Service Data Inc. Website:
Puerto Rico Telephone Company, Inc. Website:

QX Networking & Design Website:

Rainbow Communications Website:
Rainier Connect
Randolph Telephone Website:
RC Technologies Corporation Website:
RCN  Website:
Red River Rural Telephone Association Website:
Reds TV & Cable, Inc. Website:
Reedsburg Utility Commission
Reserve Long Distance Telephone Co, Inc Website:
Reserve Telecommunications
Resort TV Cable
Ripley Cable Website:
Ritter Communications Website:
River Valley Telecommunications Coop
RMA Broadband & Cable TV
road9 Website:
Rock Port Cablevision
RT Communications Website:
RTC Communication Corp
Rural Telephone Company Website:
Russellville EPB Website:

Salem Communications
San Bruno Municipal Cable TV Website:
Sandhill Website:
SCI Broadband-Savage Communications Inc.
Scott County Telephone Coop Website:
Scottsboro Electric Power Board Website:
Service Electric Cable TV & Communications  Website:
Service Electric Cablevision
Service One Cable TV dba Clear Choice
Shawano Website:
Shen Heights
Phone: 570-462-1911  Website:
Shentel Website:
Sherwood Mutual Telephone Association, Inc.
Silver Star Communications
Sjoberg's Inc. Website:
SKT  Website:
SkyBest TV
Slic Network Solutions Website:
Smithville Website:
South Central Rural Telephone Cooperative
South Central Wireless Website:
South Holt Cablevision
South Plains Telephone Cooperative Website:
South Slope Cooperative Communications
Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative, Inc Website:
Spencer Municipal Utilities
Phone: 712-580-5800  Website:
Spruce Knob Seneca Rocks Telephone Website:
SRT Communications, Inc. Website:
St Joseph Cablevision
Stratuswave Communications Website:
Suddenlink  Website:
Suite 224
Website: /
Summit Broadband Website:
Sumner Cable TV
SureWest Broadband  Website:
SureWest Kansas Communications Website:
Sweetwater Cable Television Co
Swiftel Communications Website:

Tahlequah Cable TV
TCT West, Inc.
TEC Website:
Tel-Star Cablevision, Inc Website:
Tele-Media Company
Teleguam Website:
Thacker-Grisgsby Communications Website:
The Community Agency
The Ringgold Telephone Company, Inc Website:
The Walt Disney Company
Time Warner Cable Website:
Topsham Communications, LLC Website:
Town of Pineville (dba PTC) Website:
Trenton Telephone Company Website:
Tri County Communications Cooperative
Tri-County Telephone Website:
TriCounty Telecom Website:
Troy Cablevision, Inc.  Website:
Tullahoma Website:
Tullahoma Utilities Board
TV Cable Company of Andalusia, Inc. Website:
TV Service, Inc Website:
TVC, Inc. Website:
Twin Valley

Union Telephone Company
United Communications Website:
United Telephone Mutual Aid Corp Website:
US Sonet
USA Communications
USA Communications/Shellsburg, IA

Valley Telecommunications
Valparaiso Website:
Valparaiso Broadband
Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
Verizon FiOS  Website:
Vernon Communications
Vicksburg Video
VIKING Broadband, Inc. Website:
Vision Communications
Vol First/BLTV
Volcano Vision, Inc.
vtx Website:
Vyve Broadband

Wabash Mutual Telephone Company
Wadsnet Internet Service Website:
Waitsfield Cable
Waldron Communication Company  Website:
Walnut Communications
Wave Broadband
Waycross Cable Company, Inc Website:
Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association Website:
WEHCO dba Cablelynx Website:
West Alabama TV Cable Company, Inc. Website:
West Carolina Communications
West Central Telephone Association
West River Cooperative Telephone Company
Western Broadband Website:
Western Iowa Networks
Western Iowa Telephone Association Website:
Whidbey Telecom Website:
White County Cable TV
WideOpenWest Finance, LLC Website:
Wilkes Telecommunications Website:
Wilkes Telephone & Electric Company Website:
Wilson Communications
Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association
Wire Tele-View Corp Website:
WOW!  Website:
WTC Communications, Inc Inc Website:
Wyandotte Municipal Services Website:

Yadkin Website:
Yadtel Telecom  Website:
Yelcot Video Group, Inc. Website:

Zito Media
Zona Communications Website:


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