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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Recruiting tidbit

My intention has been to wait until I had a little more pertinent information to report but since my e-mail in box has been lighting up about the very tall visitor at the USA Basketball scrimmage hanging out with UConn assistant coaches Shea Ralph and Marisa Moseley, I will pass on what little info I have.

Her name is Marie Mungedi although she often goes by the name of Mimi and I've been told she is 6-9 although she didn't look quite that tall when I saw her walking by me at the XL Center on Sunday. The info I have is that she attended school in the Charlotte, N.C. area but when I contacted the Charlotte Observer on Sunday night, the person I spoke to had not heard of her and I have yet to hear back from the paper's high school reporter. I came up empty on a search of the Observer's website.

The basic info I have on her is that she is originally from Africa, would be eligible to play in the upcoming college season and the other big-name school I've heard about being in the mix with her is Texas A&M.

I'm usually more thorough with my recruiting reports and would have preferred waiting until I had a more complete report on her to post this info but since there is an unhealthy obsession (not sure that is a strong enough word) with recruiting information in this state, something I have never completely understood considering the remarkable amount of success at UConn that should be more than enough for a normal person to focus on, I figured I would pass on what little info.


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