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Saturday, July 16, 2011

And the answer is ...

For those wondering which player Jen Rizzotti was heaping praise on in a previous blog entry, it was Morgan Tuck.

Here is the full quote:
"Morgan Tuck’s been the best surprise for me since I got here. When you see her occasionally, last year I saw her at the trials, I don’t know that she stands out but when you have a chance to coach her every day and notice all the little things she does, she immediately becomes one of your favorite players. She is very different from Breanna because she is a little more polished offensively, she can handle it, she can shoot it, she’s got post moves but she is another one of those kids who is in the right place all the time and I don’t think it is by accident. She can finish at the hoop, she is very efficient, she has basically done everything I have asked of her. I asked her to be more vocal because she has a quiet nature and she has done that. I have asked her to play the guard and post position and she is the only one I am asking to play multiple positions because she can run the offense from any spot on the floor. She is an absolute joy to have on your team. She does so many little things. I am big on the intangible things, I love played who bring intangibles and Morgan Tuck brings a ton of intangibles. She has been really wonderful to have on the team."

I filed two stories off my interviews and I would expect them to appear in the paper at some point in the early or middle part of next week.

Speaking of Morgan, she said she was intending to be in attendance for UConn's "First Night" festivities in October as she was last year. Breanna Stewart said that if her schedule works out, she'd like to be there as well.

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