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Sunday, February 12, 2012

UConn honors its best and brightest

Maybe it's all the years I have spent covering a variety of sports at Yale but there are few things I enjoy honoring more than academic achievement.

At halftime of Saturday's Georgetown/UConn women's game more than 300 UConn student-athletes were honored for attaining grade point averages of 3.0 or higher in either the recently-completed fall semester or during last spring's marking period. That included women's basketball players Heather Buck, Stefanie Dolson, Caroline Doty, Kelly Faris and Kiah Stokes. I wrote a story focusing on the academic challenges faced by Buck and Faris. But the real stars in my eyes are the 20 student-athletes who had 4.0 GPAs. That is truly an achievement worth highlighting and although none of them play for Geno Auriemma's squad, I thought they deserved mention.

Allison  Angulo (field hockey) Sociology Fall 11' Senior   Mount Bethel, Pa.
Alexandra  Aserlind (women's swimming) Sociology Fall 11' Senior  Coral Gables, Fla.
Michelle Bashaw (women's track) Elemen. Education Spring 10 & 11, Fall 10 & 11 Senior   Salisbury, Mass.
Corrine  Blidstein (women's soccer) 4.10 Sports Management Fall 11' Grad Student   Stockton, NJ
Charles Boliek (men's swimming)  Allied Health Fall 11' Freshman  Greenville, SC
Amy  Christensen (volleyball) Pre-teaching Fall 11' Freshman  Ashburn, Va.
Meghan Cunningham (women's cross country) Soc. Science of Sport Spring 11' 5th year Simsbury
Brianna Datti (volleyball) Environmental Engineering Fall 11' Freshman   Durham, NC
Kaiche Ho (women's soccer) Engineering Fall 11' Freshman   Glastonbury
Julianne Hubbard (women's soccer) Allied Health Fall 11' Junior  Waverly, Pa.
Hillary Lackman (women's soccer) Psychology Fall 10' and Spring 11' Junior  Storrs
Scott McCummings (football) Mngment- Sch of Bus. Fall 10',Spring 11' Sophomore Natick, Mass.
Sharon  Scott (women's swimming) Environmental Engineering Fall 10', Spring 11' Sophomore
Stephen Vento (men's cross country) Undecided Fall 11' Freshman   Weston
Jacqueline Wattles (volleyball)  Journalism Spring 11  Sophomore  Liberty Hills, Tex.
Kimberly Weber (women's rowing)  Neag (Curriculum & instruction) Fall 09', Spring 11' 5th year    Ridgefield
Ashley West (women's rowing) Pre-pharmacy Spring 11' Sophomore   Dudley, Mass.
Hillary Wiles-Lafayette (women's rowing) Ecology & Evolutionary Bio Fall 10', Spring 11' Junior  Litchfield
Heather Wilson (women's track) Exercise Science Spring 11' Senior  Homer, NY   
Kyungsoo Yoon (men's swimming) Accouting Fall 11' Junior  Toronto


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