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Monday, March 19, 2012

Historic defensive effort for UConn

Pretty much from the time Kansas State attempted to run offense for the first time it was pretty evident it was not going to be a comfortable day at the office for the Wildcats.

A Brittany Chambers basket late in the first half allowed Kansas State to avoid matching the NCAA Division I women's basketball tournament record for fewest points in a half. However, the Wildcats did etch their names into the record book as the 26 points scored were the fewest in the history of the Division I women's tournament, breaking the mark of 27 set six years ago to the day by Southern University in a loss to Duke.

Kansas State's 10 field goals is tied for the fewest in tournament history (with three of the five times it has been done just happens to come against UConn) and the 17.5 field goal percentage is the fourth worst in tournament history.

"Our team looked like killers out there, it looked like we had seven guys out there and they only had five so they didn't know what to do when we came out and trapped," UConn freshman Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis said. "Every time somebody turned their back, there was another person to come out and swarm them as soon as they turned around. The defensive effort tonight was great."

UConn coach Geno Auriemma said it may have been the best defensive showing his team has had this season. Certainly the energy the Huskies displayed in its full-court press and traps was at an extremely high level.

"When we came out tonight, we kind of set the tone right away," Auriemma said. "For whatever reason, they (UConn's players) ended up being in a zone."

The other side of things was a Kansas State team that just seemed bewildered by the relentlessness displayed by the Huskies.

"They have five players committed to the defensive effort  at all times and you don't find a lot of holes," said Brittany Chambers, who led the Wildcats with 11 points. "I think we, early in the game, had some open shots and didn't convert and start forcing things. When you start forcing things, they want you to drive to the baseline, they want yo to drive and are ready to double team you at all times. We kind of played right into what they wanted us to do."

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Anonymous Lorena Wood said...

Last night's game is another sad example why the women's March Madness tournament should be limited to 16 teams.

Last night's game is another sad example why ESPN will not televise more than 1 women's March Madness tournament game at a time.

UConn women's team is not loaded with 1st round draft picks like the Kentucky men's team is. But the talent gap in women's basketball is still too wide.

That has more to do with poor attendance than ticket prices and parking fees.

8:58 AM 

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