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Monday, April 30, 2012

Taurasi in select company

As part of its 40th anniversary of Title IX celebration, ESPN announced the first 10 stars to revealed as part of the top 40 female athletes of the last 40 years.

Former UConn star Diana Taurasi is somewhere between 31-40 as ESPN revealed the first 10 members on the list (in alphabetical order). Wilton's Kristine Lilly is also among the first 10. The countdown to No. 1 begins today on SportsCenter. There is a 24-member panel with two former members of the Brakettes softball powerhouse (Sue Enquist and Donna Lopiano) on the panel of voters.



Anonymous Joe said...

Surprised she is that low!

1:00 PM 
Anonymous Joe said...

Sports Illustrated today (May 3) lists the top 40 women athletes of the Title IX era.

Maya Moore is listed # 35; Diana Taurasi is listed # 3 (behind only Mia Hamm and Jackie Joyner-Kersey).

that's more like it!

2:11 PM 

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