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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kara Lawson thriving with Connecticut Sun

Yesterday I headed down to the Mohegan Sun complex because I felt it was time to do a story on the impressive season veteran guard Kara Lawson is having with the Sun.

Space restrictions kept me from getting all the stuff from my 10-minute interview with Lawson into my story.

One part that I found compelling is when Lawson discusses the balancing act of wanting to play basketball and also desiring to start a family with her husband. Somebody as pragmatic as Lawson certainly has gone over the options and said she is not ready just yet to take time away from basketball to have children.

"It is not something we are trying to mix right now, that would present a whole lot of different hurdles to
go over, good hurdles," Lawson said. "With me being healthy for the first time in three years, I am kind of anxious to see how good I can be being healthy, ride it out and see how successful we can be as a group.

"Down the road absolutely we want to have a family, we want to have kids that is down the road and certainly not something that is imminent.

"I love to play still. I don't necessarily think that basketball and having a family is mutually exclusive
but I do think it will probably be towards the end of my career. I am still young, I am still 31. When I
look at different players across the league some have had kids like Candace Parker early but when you look
at Lisa, she had her first at 3, Ruthie (Bolton) did it after she was retired at like 36-37, I know my mom didn't have me until she was 36. I don't feel that pressure that I have to make all these decisions right now but it certainly something that we talk about because it is something you have to plan for but I feel like I
am in the prime of my career."

Another subject I asked her about is how difficult it is to get up each day during the offseason and put the time in at the gym and in the gym since her job as a women's basketball analyst at ESPN keeps her from heading overseas to play during the winter.

"It is a challenge. I try to look at my situation as what are the advantages instead of what are the
disadvantages. To me the advantages are 1)  less wear and tear 2) my mind is fresh and I have a great
passion for the game and I am never burnt out. A lot of players come back from overseas and they are
really burnt out. The other thing it allows me to do is it allows me to hone in and focus on skills that I
want to improve which a lot of times you don't get to do in 5 on 5 settings. It takes a lot of commitment
because I do all the stuff for ESPN in offseason so it is not like I have many hours in the day to be able
to do it but I have to be really disciplined on the road and sometimes colleges and universities I am
covering sometimes their coaches open up the doors to the gym themself and I am able to get my work in."

Lawson also discussed the reaction she has received since she announced that she would be donating money to the Pat Summitt Foundation for every 3-pointer she makes this season.

"Everybody is obviously really supportive," Lawson said. "We have had a lot of different inquiries as far as people who want to contribute as well. I've had people send me money in the mail so hopefully we will get something towards the end of the year that we can publicize. We really weren't doing it to make it a campaign, we were really just doing it to support (Summitt) and have something in conjunction with the season but there has been quite a big response so hopefully people will continue to help. After Olympic break we want to put something together so peole can go somewhere, a website of wherever to contribute.

"We kind of got a taste of it (last year when her husband was training to run in the New York Marathon in honor of Summitt) and got to see how much of an impact she has had on the game and how wide spread her impact was. In particular the support we have gotten from the people here in Connecticut has been phenomenal."



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