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Friday, August 24, 2012

Engeln's transfer to BC is official

The Boston College women's basketball official site has an item on the transfer of former UConn guard/forward Lauren Engeln.

Engeln played sparingly in her two seasons at UConn. She will have to sit out the upcoming season (although she will be able to practice with the team) and will have two years of eligibility remaining.


Anonymous Dana Miller said...

Auriemma intentionally recruited Engeln and Johnson as 4 year splinter collectors (worst case) or transfers (best case).

The 7 time NC coach knew that if he had recruited 2 players talented enough to play real minutes for UConn in 2012-13, he might not have landed all 3 of Stewart, Tuck, and Johnson.

It's all about the playing minutes. Isn't it always?

Auriemma has gambled all or nothing on the 2014 HS seniors by not trying his best with the 2013 HS seniors.

UConn's minutes are already spoken for, in the 2013-14 season. :-)

6:08 PM 
Anonymous Dana Miller said...

Johnson should be Jefferson obviously

8:46 PM 

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