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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

SNY schedule could be released this week

It's looking like details of the games SNY will be televising, the announcing teams (with some familiar names) and some details on the livestreaming of UConn games could be announced in the next few days, stay tuned.

OK, here is an update. The details surrounding the live streaming is not expected to be announced until next week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sVIRECOLITIESOicukmeDISH network does not carry SNY in
TORRINGTON< tell us why. where is the alternate coverage?

7:16 AM 
Blogger Jim Fuller said...

Not sure that there will be alternate coverage if you don't have SNY other that to pay for on the live streams either through SNY or the site. If it were possible I'd switch to DirecTV since I know they offer packages with SNY.

11:42 AM 

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