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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some info on the Pac-12 Network

Tomorrow's game could be a fun one on the court considering how many possessions a team like Oregon tends to allow the opposing team to have over the course of the game.

However, for those not able to make it out to Eugene, Oregon for the game, it may not be the best of times.

First during CPTV's successful 18-year run televising UConn games and now with SNY, fans have grown accustomed to seeing all the Huskies' games. That will not be the case tomorrow.

SNY tried to work a deal with the Pac-12 Network to show the game knowing that only a limited number of providers out in New England carry the Pac-12 Network. SNY's attempts failed so I reached out to the Pac-12 Network last week to try to get some information on the situation.

“We can't do one (event) it just doesn't really work for the partners,” said Kirk Reynolds, vice president of communications for the Pac-12 Network. “We've been in that position several times throughout the year with certain markets wanting to pick off individual games and that is not the way the network is set up. That is really the issue.”

DISH Network, Comcast and Time Warner are among the providers which carry the Pac-12 Network but there is no guarantee that the Pac-12 Network is available on those providers nationwide so the best move would be to go onto the Pac-12 Network at

The good news is that the Pac-12 Network has hit the ground running so a game like tomorrow’s will be available to more viewers than some stations not as quick to come to agreements with cable and satellite dish companies.

“We have over 50 providers now that are carrying the network so distribution has actually been pretty good,” Reynolds said. “I don't think there has ever been a network that has started with complete distribution. There have always been folks that are slower to get on than others. Certainly the NFL Network is certainly as example of that. They just did a deal with Time Warner after 10 years I think. A complete distribution never happens in year one but the feedback that we have gotten from all the carriers that have us now has been very good. Their customers have loved it and we anticipate adding quite a few more. We are talking to folks daily, particularly we get a lot from fans asking about DirecTV, we are in communication with them on pretty much a daily basis. We are working on expanding and being more distributed in the future to be sure.”

In the future the Pac-12 will offer a live streaming option which will permit viewers who do not have the Pac-12 Network to see a feed of the game. However, at the current time the only live feeds are available through providers carrying the Pac-12 Network. Reynolds said the plan is to show 850 sporting events on the network and offer live streams for an additional 1,400 events not being televised.


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