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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Learning curve continues for Stewart

When Breanna Stewart was lighting it up at Cicero-North Syracuse High School she didn't need to concern herself too much with how vigorously or frequently she fought for position in the low blocks. Stewart was so much better than her opponents that she could stand at any spot on the court and be an unstoppable offensive threat.

However, when she got to UConn Stewart discovered that things were a little different. Since returning to the court after spraining her ankle she has been focusing on being more of an offensive presence in the low post.

"One of the things I was really focusing on was really posting up because I haven't done it a lot so I want to make contact with the defender," Stewart said.

Stewart is still learning how to play off of fellow post players. Earlier in the season Stewart would unintentionally shadow Stefanie Dolson as she was to the same part of the court that Dolson was trying to establish position. Now she is starting to understand that Dolson is going to attract enough attention when she posts up that Stewart can get open looks if she heads to the opposite side of the lane.

The extremely competitive Stewart also wants to show more consistency. She was significantly more noticeable in the second half against Villanova than she was in the first half.

"I want to keep it (going) and things I am not good at I need to focus on and make sure I work on them for 40 minutes," Stewart said.

If you only watched UConn play Duke and Villanova it would be easy to assume that Stewart's numbers in the second half dwarf those she puts up in the first half. However, that is simply not the case. She has scored more points 17 more points in the second half and is shooting better from 2-point and 3-point range but has more rebounds, assists and steals in the first half than she does in the final 20 minutes.



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