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Friday, March 29, 2013

Dolson vows to be ready

Whether it is her ankle or foot, there is not a day that goes by that UConn junior center Stefanie Dolson doesn't get reminded what a long grind this season has been. But, despite being limited or held out entirely of practices more often than not in the last couple of week, Dolson said she is ready to roll for tomorrow's Sweet 16 game against a physical Maryland team.

"I am OK and ready for the game," Dolson said. "It is something that I am not going to use as an excuse if I play poorly in the game. It is not really in my mind right now. The only thing that can get somebody down is feeling sorry if they are hurt and that is definitely not me. 

"It is a new thing but I think I am going through it pretty well, just trying to push through. It's gong to be be tough but I think I am ready for it. I am preparing for it, have been preparing for it. It is going to be tough with Hawkins and DeVaughn down there, they are two really great, tough players but I think I am ready."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

UConn and their fans can't complain about injuries

Not when playing Maryland

8:00 PM 

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