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Sunday, March 03, 2013

South Florida coach previews UConn/Notre Dame game

Other than UConn no other Big East team came as close to beating defending Big East champion Notre Dame as did Jose Fernandez's South Florida team.

Following Saturday's 85-51 loss to UConn Fernandez gave his thoughts on what to look for in tomorrow night's highly-anticipated rematch between the Big East powers.

"I think where (Notre Dame's Skylar) Diggins does well and that on-ball screen stuff you have to defend that well and not lose sight of Diggins in transition and those wide-open ones," Fernandez said. "(Kayla) McBride is more physical and can put it down and she can shoot it as well. It is going to be a good game. You can't compare. We lost to Notre Dame here in overtime and our three perimeter guys shot the ball well. I think the Dolson/Achonwa matchup will be a good one. Jewell Loyd is a freshman who has been very important. Kelly Faris, I tell a lot of people that she does so much, it doesn't matter what the stat sheet (says). If Mosqueda-Lewis and Dolson had a night like they did tonight, they are going to be tough to beat, It is going to be a good game. Hartley, I don't know what happened but I know she is not playing as well as she has played in the past. She is going to have to (play well) because you need that third perimeter guy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since the media feels the need to come up with a combination of numbers for Faris, here are some numbers for Hayes.

elly Faris stats:
1,000+ points
750+ rebounds
500+ assists
250+ steals

Tiffany Hayes stats:
1801 points
680 rebounds
483 assists
223 steals

Faris is not in this select group at UConn:
1800+ points
680+ rebounds
480+ assists
220+ steals

It is not that difficult to come up with sets of stats in an attempt to prove a players worth.

Hayes received a lot of abuse for failing to show up big in the biggest games. It’s not like Faris has always come up big. See the previous UConn-ND game and the UConn-ND final four game during Maya’s senior season.

Faris could not and would not shoot for 3 years. Yet at the career level with the insane numbers comparions, Faris is being held to different standards than Hayes ever was.

1:44 PM 

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