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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kiah Stokes back on the court

UConn rising junior forward/center Kiah Stokes is taking advantage of her time back home in Iowa to work on her game.

According to a story in today's Daily Iowan, Stokes had 17 points and 15 rebounds playing in the Game Time League, a summer league based in North Liberty, Iowa.

“Working out on your own is one thing, but playing good 5-on-5 is way different,” Stokes said. “I’m trying to get my confidence back, and ultimately get more minutes up at UConn, and you got to start somewhere.”

The league began play on June 20 and will hold its championship game on July 25. With so many UConn players taking part in USA Basketball competitions this summer, most of the Huskies decided to enroll in classes in May and then return to summer in late July which enables Stokes to play in the summer league to shake some of the rust off.



Anonymous adelardBellemare said...

I've re watched some of the UConn games this year. Geno gave Kiah some good minutes and actually taught her when he brought her out, and sent her back in. She was good, very good. She did a job on Kentucky and worked well against ND. I am more than pleased she is taking the time to improve her game--she scores well from 15 and 3 feet and she's a very good defender inside. She needs to keep her mind in the game and forget Geno while she's in and play the basketball she knows how to play---she's a starter in 359 of the 360 Div 1 teams. She should start at Uconn next year. Think of it, Dolson, Tuck, Stewart, Kiah, KML, MOJO, Hartley, Chung, Banks who do you start?? Geno will have a great problem, it's one I love.

8:18 PM 

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