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Friday, July 26, 2013

World according to Dee

The first time I interviewed Diana Taurasi she was still a scoring dynamo at Lugo High in Chino, California and over the years she has rarely disappointed in being one of the most engaging, entertaining people that I have ever encountered.

Today it was no different as Taurasi handled a variety of questions from many of the people who covered her during her four seasons at UConn with typical amounts of biting sarcasm and honest replies free of political correctness.

Among the highlights was her saying that she doesn't plan on changing her ways on the court even though she was suspended for the last Phoenix Mercury game before the all-star break because she has picked up seven technical fouls although she said "I have to stay away from referees." Then she said Tina Thompson's number should be retired in every WNBA arena and that no other player should be allowed to wear the "diva" lipstick that Thompson has worn throughout her incredible career. Here are some of the other things she had to say.

On Breanna Stewart
"I have never seen her play live and I am sure it is a different beast live because she is so long and so agile and you don't see that. You kind of want to compare her to Delle Donne a little bit where you see that versatility, how hard it is to guard and how much of an impact she can make on a team and a league. I think she has that type of ability  if she keeps working through all her strengths."

On UConn winning its eighth national title
"I was more happy that they beat Notre Dame than anything. To lose to a team three times and come back and beat them in that fashion, that team went through a lot. I have been in that position, I have been in those locker rooms, those team meetings on those bus rides, on the plane and you feel just miserable because you feel like you let a whole state down, you let your coaches, your teammates down. It is really a feeling that is discomforting and for them to be able to do that, put that aside and beat them in one game it shows a lot of character in that team."

On whether she is going to be on the 2016 Olympic team
"I am going to Rio, are you kidding me. I am going to the Copacabana, I am dancing. I am taking my bikini, I am going. I don't know if I am playing but I am going. I didn't say I was playing but I am going."

On why she thinks every WNBA All-Star Game should be held at Mohegan Sun Arena
"When we come here it is always great and the games are always really good here too."

Her thoughts on a possible regular-season game between UConn and Tennessee in the next couple of years
"I think it is time. If I have to wear an orange shirt than the least they can do is give us the game back. when you say UConn and Tennessee that just brings up a lot of really good memories, really intense matchups and if they can make that happen again I think it would benefit both states, both schools, both programs, it could only help."

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