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Friday, September 06, 2013

UConn planning to bid for 2014 subregionals

Deb Corum, UConn's Senior Women Administrator said that the university will be making a bid to host the first and second rounds in the 2014 NCAA Division I tournament but will not be pursuing the regionals.

"(UConn will bid for) first and second rounds," Corum said. "We will not bid for regionals because quite honestly we are opposed to the concept that you could buy yourself into the Final Four and we are opposed to that decision so we could disingenuous if we bid on it if we said it is the wrong thing to do."

Corum said it was possible that a Connecticut arena could land the regionals so perhaps UConn won't need to go very far to play its way into the Final Four.

The deadline to submit bids to host either the subregionals or regionals is Sept. 16 with the decisions expected to be made by the NCAA in November. Obviously the process is a little more drawn out this year.

"It is totally different and some of the decisions that the committee made this summer created that the timeline be different so it is a little bizarre but we will have to get used to it," Corum said.

Corum also likes the idea that one UConn men's and women's home game will be played outside of either Storrs and Hartford. For the women's team it is the game against Temple which is likely to be played at Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport.

"It think it really helps," Corum said. "We are state institution with some nice arenas. It is good that we can go to play (there) for our fans."


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