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Monday, November 25, 2013

Jefferson knows how to put on a show for UConn

There were too many scintillating plays during UConn's recently-completed stretch of four wins in five days to recount them all. However, a couple of plays sophomore point guard Moriah Jefferson made certainly are worth revisiting.

She put on a dribbling exhibition that the Harlem Globetrotters' Marques Haynes could appreciate when she was knocked to the ground and had the ball in her hands. She couldn't find a player to pass to so she did what comes naturally, and started to dribble. After a couple of seconds she got up and raced up the court as the fans roared in unison.

"I don't even remember what happened, I was on the floor and I was looking for somebody to pass to," Jefferson said. "There was nobody there so I started dribble and got up. If I had stood up and started dribbling it would have been a problem but if I started dribbling, I knew I'd be all right because I did that a couple of times before. I heard kind of a roar but I was trying to stay focused on the play."

Still, that was not her most memorable play of the week. That came when she threw a lob to classmate Breanna Stewart in something that resembled what Chris Paul and Blake Griffin might do on a fast break for the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers. However, rather than dunking the ball, Stewart caught the pass and attempted to knock in a shot.

"She looked at me and as soon as she looked at me, I said 'OK she wants (the lob),'" Jefferson said. "I should have waited a second and not (thrown) it as high. She is long, she caught it. I didn't think she was going to dunk it but I figured she would lay it in."



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