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Sunday, December 29, 2013

UConn ready for post-Big East life

The newness of at all won't hit home today when UConn plays former fellow Big East team Cincinnati in its inaugural American Athletic Conference game but when the Huskies play at Central Florida and Memphis it will be rather evident that they are not in the Big East any longer.

"It is certainly going to be different for us as coaches and usually you know (the teams). 'Hey, who do we have? We are at Syracuse and at Pittsburgh. OK, we've got it. We know what the Carrier Dome is, we know what Pitt is, we know who their coaches are, we know what their tendencies are.' Right now we don't know any of that and it is kind of exciting I think. I have never been in a lot of these gyms. I have never been in SMU's gym, Central Florida or Memphis or Houston, I am looking forward to it.

"I think the teams that have made a conscious effort to upgrade their programs are on their way to doing that, the teams that were really good last year that came into the league like SMU and Memphis are playing really well and the teams that struggled are still struggling. I think it is going to take a little bit of time before everybody kind of sorts it out to see where you fit in to the league picture.. I think it is a great opportunity for a lot of the teams in the league that they never would have gotten had they just remained where they were. There is a lot of excitement around the league because they have a platform now that they can have the kind of success they haven't had in the past. SMU has won the regular season in the last couple of years but they lose in the tournament and don't go to the NCAA tournament. Teams in our league once they sort it all out will have the opportunity to say where to we fit in, how do we schedule and what do we have to do in the league to make the NCAA tournament. I think all the schools in the league have resources that can allow them to be good."


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