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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Another White House trip for UConn great

During today's ceremony at the White House honoring the WNBA champion Minnesota Lynx President Barack Obama had some playful banter directed at former UConn star Maya Moore, who is no stranger to visits to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue whether it is as members of two national-championship teams at UConn, being an Olympic gold medalist or a two-time WNBA champion. She even made an appearance as part of an event termed an Easter egg roll.

President Obama said Moore "has now been here so many times I’ve lost track. I mean, basically there’s like a Maya Moore wing in the White House. And when she comes, we kind of -- we’ve got all her stuff here; she’s got a toothbrush."

Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve was given the chance to speak at the ceremony but she deferred to Moore. Here are her remarks.

"I just can’t speak enough about this team behind me.  It’s really just been an awesome three years, going into my fourth year, and even before that.  The foundation that was being built with Seimone, Coach Reeve and all the other captains.  But every year it starts at Mr. Taylor’s house, our awesome owner, who has provided ...    

Like Mr. President said, if we don’t have opportunities to compete in sports and to play in sports, you don’t get to see us up here today.  So to have somebody that believes in us, Mr. Taylor, Becky, we appreciate you.  We have our annual dinner at their house where we all come together.  And as the rookies got to see, we’re really a family. And what you see behind me right now is very genuine, how we treat each other, the passion that we play with.  Our leaders with Coach Reeve, Jim and Shelley the tireless work that they put in, and they don’t want any credit.  They do their jobs to perfection. And last year, we didn’t start out with that hot streak that we did our first two years; we had a little trouble in the beginning. And then we also hit a rough patch towards the end of the season, losing four out of five games -- I know.  Gasp.  And it was a struggle.  We were in Chicago -- this will make you feel good playing against an awesome rookie in Elena Delle Donne, and she ended up hitting a game-winning three.  A heartbreaking loss for us on the road.  And our captain –- one of our captains, Lindsay Whalen, you wouldn’t have known this, but she took that loss on herself.  She cares so much about this team and really just took it personal and hard.  And that’s really the heart of our team and the heart of this club.  We care.  And it shows when we’re on the court, when we’re together, when we’re in the community.  And I think that’s what our nation is about.  We care, we’re leaders in that.  And that’s why this team is so special not just talent wise, but just the people that I’ve been blessed to play with.  So I think we can continue to make this an annual trip and I want to see that room you’re talking about."



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