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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lofty praise for three UConn commits

USA Basketball held a conference call to discuss the naming of its player pool from which the team Geno Auriemma will coach in the FIBA World Championships will be drawn from. With not that many questions being asked I jumped in and asked Carol Callan, the director of all the women's teams with USA Basketball, about what impresses her about UConn commits De'Janae Boykin, Napheesa Collier and Katie Lou Samuelson who won gold medals at the Youth Olympic Games earlier today.

"I call them veterans with smiles on my face but that is what it feels like to talk a little bit further about what Geno talks about in terms of the culture of winning, De'Janae and Lou were on a team last year as well as this year and sometimes we beat teams by a lot and we start to get a little full of ourselves and yet  at the world U17 championships we only won by two points so that all of a sudden makes a player grow up quite a bit," Callan said, "What is interesting about all of them and Napheesa as well is they have played for multiple years in 3x3 so they have expanded their game not only from 5 on 5 but to 3 on 3. The growth is amazing and they all still have another year of high school in front of them. I think thee is a maturity and I think what the maturity does more than anything is under pressure there is a calm that I have noticed in them. When we are in a game and we are down in the fourth quarter and we only win by two, there is a calmness to Lou and De that was very apparent and that is because they have so much experience. Napheesa just has a motor that just doesn't stop, she is not content to just shoot the ball, she then wants to get the rebound so I think Connecitcut fans will have a lot to be appy about in a couple of years when they get on campus."


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