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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Reaction to departure of Sadie Edwards at UConn

After Wednesday's practice UConn coach Geno Auriemma and some of her teammates reacted to the sudden departure of Meriden native and freshman guard Sadie Edwards.

After the team returned from Notre Dame Edwards met with Auriemma and said she wanted to play more and made the decision to leave. So what was Auriemma's thoughts during that conversation?

"I appreciate that and hopefully you learned something when you were here, hopefully you land at the right place for us,"Auriemma said.

"It looks great from the outside. What do you see from the outside? The crowd, the adulation, the Final Fours, the parades, all the all-americans but what you don't see is how that all comes about. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. If it is a kid from Connecticut you might look at it a little bit differently. "

Sources have indicated that Edwards is still currently weighing her options and may not make a decision on which school she will land at until after Christmas and perhaps even after New Year's.

"I am not necessarily surprised that she left, I am surprised it happened as quickly as it did," UConn senior forward Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis said. "She just wasn't happy, she wasn't happy that she wasn't playing and her demeanor changed over the last couple of months and you could tell it was deteriorating more and more, the more she wasn't playing.

"She went to boarding school to play basketball, to go away from home and somebody who makes a decision like that, obviously they want to play if they make a decision like that at that next level. When that doesn't happen when you are in college, it is hard to handle that. It is hard to be content with sitting on the bench. If you know you can go somewhere else and play right away, I am happy that she made the decision that is best for her and I am happy she made it earlier rather than later. It sucks to have stayed here, not played here and been miserable. Now she can go somewhere and play the minutes that she wants, hopefully turn into the player she wants to be and be happy.

"It takes a lot for people to stay here for four years and it also takes a lot for somebody to know when enough is enough and how much you can handle. I think she did the right thing when figuring out what she can handle and do what is best for herself."

Nobody was more surprised to see Edwards leave than her roommate and fellow freshman Gabby Williams.

"She didn't really tell anybody she was going to transfer," Williams said. "It was very quick and all of a sudden and now she is gone. It happened so fast that we couldn't take it in. Now, she is down the street so I am sure we will still see her around and everything. We are all just happy that she did what is best for her. We'd like her to stay but it is best for her that she went.

"That was kind of a wake-up call to everybody that you think you could  just get through it but it is just not for everybody. It is not that she is a bad player or anything, it is just that UConn is not the school for her."


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