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Saturday, April 04, 2015

ESPN anaylsts weigh in on UConn/Maryland matchup

Rebecca Lobo and Kara Lawson do more than just side by side in the studio during of ESPN's women's basketball coverage but they also have almost the same opinion on what Maryland is going to have to do to take down UConn, favored by more than 20 points in Sunday's national semifinal.

ESPN held its annual meet and greet when the assembled media is given the chance to pick the brains of their on-air talent.

I asked Lobo first about what Maryland has to do to get UConn out of its comfort zone.

"Get up and down the floor, get out in transition and get their guards really going," Lobo said. "Their posts do not match up well with Connecticut's posts but their guards are quick and they can score. I think it would be great for Maryland if they could get their guards going early. One matchup is who is Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis going to be on, can they take her to the hole and get some dribble penetration. I think for them it is going to be key to get their guards going."

A few minutes later I posed the same question to Lawson, who was sitting at a different table from Lobo so it wasn't just a case of her hearing that Lobo had to say and merely repeat it.
"I'd like to see them run and try to get out in transition, see their guards attack and try to get into the paint. I'd like to see if they can effectively guard Stewie which I am not sure that they can."


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