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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

UConn's Aurriemma addresses "Deflategate"

With Geno Auriemma and Duke men's basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski in New York to be honored at the New York Athletic Club's annual Winged Foot Award dinner the two national championship coaches were guests on the Michael Kay Show.

Naturally they were asked whether coaches at the college level push the envelope when it comes to rules and ethics. Krzyzewski wanted no part of the question saying he doesn't know enough about the subject to state his opinion on the matter. Auriemma, never one to hold back on any subject, also seemed to choose his words carefully.

"Our jobs aren't on the line so we aren't looking at this season as 'I have to do something that is going to get me (an edge),'" Auriemma said. "I always worry that the minute you do that, now your players start to think that is OK to do. Now if somebody asks me do I turn my coach in because they know I did it and it is not right. You never want to put somebody in that situation."

He also wondered whether the story would have gotten the play it did if the New England Patriots, accused of playing with air pressure in footballs below the NFL minimum, hadn't been to a Super Bowl in 25 years.

The highlight of the segment was Auriemma getting a chance to revisit his comments that he thought the men's college game was "a joke."

"They micromanage the same so there is less scoring than ever before in college basketball," Auriemma said. "I was asked a question 'as a fan do you enjoy watching the college game.' He answered 'not as much as I used to' because I think more coaches coach not to lose because they want to hold onto their job or whatever or maybe the kids coming out of high school don't have the fundamentals they used. I just mentioned this the other day to Mike, they played (39) games and only three times did they not get to 70 points so obviously they can play to win and let their guys play even within the rules now you can be a fun team to watch. I just think college men's basketball is the only sport that has not kept up with the times in terms of making it easy to play and put points on the board.

"Guys missing six of every 10 shots or the game played at a walk instead of the beautiful game that is can be, I just think we are losing the entertainment value."

What followed next was even more interesting than what Auriemma had to say.

Krzyzewski was given an opportunity to play point/counterpart with Auriemma but actually was in Auriemma's corner on this subject.

"I don't think we do keep up with things," Krzyzewski said. "I think it is because we have no one in charge. Who runs college basketball? . You should have a governing body, a leader for men's and women's college basketball so we can keep up to date."

Krzyzewski pointed to the way Jerry Colangelo runs things at USA Basketball as a perfect example of what the college game should have.

He was not a fan of the 35-second shot clock, being able to call a timeout to avoid a 10-second backcourt call and have the count start over again. He would like to see the lane widened, the 3-point line moved back a little bit kind of what the international game has with dimensions from 21.65-22.15 include of the NCAA line of 20.75.

"Things like that in the NBA it would be changed," Krzyzewski said. "Our process is archaic. It is just not run like a billion dollar business."


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