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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Latest UConn commit "doesn't take any plays off"

Tabor Academy guard Molly Bent was considered to be an under the radar recruit as she was considering Ivy League schools and some mid-major schools. However, according to her AAU coach, she was pretty well known by the UConn coaching staff as Geno Auriemma saw her play three times before Bent committed to UConn.

"Molly is a high-motor kid," Rhode Island Breakers coach Jim Edgehill said. "She is a college conditioned athlete right now, she has great ball handling skills while she worked on to become a true point guard. Last year when she played with us with the Breakers she was more of a scoring guard. This year we talked to Molly about making everybody around her better and there are games where she made everybody on our team a lot better. She has hit the next level as a player, she has a great mid-range game, she can hit the 3 and is a great transition kid. She is a great defender, she pushes when you need it and is learning how to slow the game down when you need to slow it up. She rebounds well for a guard, she doesn't take any plays off.

"When Shea (Ralph) came to see me after one of the games in the Deep South she said that Geno doesn't have anybody like her at UConn and loves how hard (she plays) and what she can do on the court. Geno knows how many scorers he has and Molly can score but she can do everything else. She doesn't need to score but Geno loves her because she doesn't take one play off, it doesn't matter if she is playing the entire game or the fourth game of the weekend, she doesn't take a play off."

Bent often had scheduling conflicts between her club soccer and AAU basketball teams. She finally gave up club soccer and now she is starting to get seen by more and more top programs.

"Last year was the first year she was playing full-time (AAU) basketball," Edgehill said. "She is a high-level soccer kid so she was splitting between soccer and basketball. Last year was the first exposure tournament she ever played it. I understood that Molly could play at a high level, I understood it because of the kids we had on our team and who we play against but she is a kid who works on her game all the time. She is the first one in the gym, the last one out of the gym."

Edgehill said that Bent had an outstanding showing when the Breakers won the 17-and-under Signature bracket at the 2014 Deep South Classic including a strong performance for Bent matched up against Stanford commit Anna Wilson out of the powerhouse Boo Williams program.

"This year we went to the Deep South, we ended up playing team from Georgia, the Celtics, we ended up beating them by six," Edgehill said, "Molly played great, Geno and Shea were there, came next couple of games. The Kentucky coach (Matthew) Mitchell came up to me after one of the games in the Deep South and said 'she could play for us right now.'"



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