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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

UConn's Stewart first member of 300-300 club

Breanna Stewart wasn't quite sure what to make of the achievement that will be the first of its kind among Division I women's basketball players.

However, with her career--high 10 assists in tonight's game against Colgate, she became the first women's player in Division I history with at least 300 career assists and blocked shots.

"(Recording) 300 assists and 300 blocks is kind of cool," Stewart said. "It is an interesting stat that people don't really look up but you guys did and I get pride out of both. If it is an assist, a skip pass to Lou (Katie Lou Samuelson) and she knocked down the corner 3 was exciting to see but also a block if it is a good one, it is going to get the crowd involved."

While I had a few hours in Chicago I went through the list of players with 300 blocked shots and nearly three times as many players with 300 career blocks had fewer than 100 assists than had more than 200 assists.

Former St. Mary's star Louella Tomlinson leads the way among the 300 block club with 262 assists followed closely by former UConn star Rebecca Lobo at 260.

“You don’t win as many games as Stewie has won, you don’t win as many gold medals, you don’t have the reputation she has if you weren’t able to make your teammates better,” UConn coach Geno Auriemma said. “That is the greatest compliment anyone can pay you, not only are you a great player, but you make the people around you better. I think Stewie is too unselfish at times, but that is way better than the other way. It is great to hear that she will do it, because that is one more way to separate herself from everyone else who has played this game, as if she needed another way. That to me is the ultimate compliment to somebody that you can do some great things at both ends of the floor that are really unselfish acts, come over to help and block a shot and then pass it to your teammate for a layup.”


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