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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

SNY documentary on UConn's '94-95 team to air tomorrow

A project more than a year in the making will be on display when SNY unveils its documentary on the iconic 1994-95 national championship team tomorrow night from 8:30-9:30 p.m. after the Memphis game and postgame wrap.

They had a screening of the show for media and UConn officials before the recent game against Tulsa and I have to say I was pretty impressed. Pretty much every player from that squad, which won the first of 10 national titles. was interviewed along with coaches, media members.

From painting the picture of the personalities of the team from the highly sought after media sensation Rebecca Lobo, who her teammates and coaches admitted was pulled in so many different directions following the program-changing win over top-ranked Tennessee to the fiery in your face leadership provided by Jamelle Elliott and Jen Rizzotti to Nykesha Sales garnered the nickname "precious" as a freshman as the veteran players viewed her as being something of a teacher's pet in the eyes of Auriemma, SNY capitalized on the exclusive access to offer a more comprehensive look on the squad that forever changed the fortunes of one of the most dominant program in college athletics.

Perhaps the real star of the documentary is Auriemma's wife Kathy who stole the show with her retelling of her husband's reaction after that history win over Tennessee would vault the Huskies to No. 1 in the national polls for the first time and her recollections of how pivotal Geno considered landing Lobo was in his master plan.

I would strongly recommend checking it out.


Anonymous Joe said...

Thanks for publishing the information about the documentary, Jim. I watched it and also found it well done.

It was also nice to note that the SNY documentary did refer to CPTV starting to televise UConn women's games in 1996. When we moved to Connecticut in 2001, I was channel surfing one evening, found the UConn women playing, and was immediately hooked by their balletic form of team basketball. Have been a big fan and supporter ever since.

No way that SNY ever would have entered a bidding war with CPTV over broadcast rights a few years ago had CPTV not built such an extensive and loyal following over the preceding 15 years.

12:01 PM 

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