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Friday, February 19, 2016

Texas wing Lexi Gordon commits to UConn

The recruitment of sweet-shooting L.D. Bell High School just Lexi Gordon ended on Friday morning when she announced her commitment to UConn on her Twitter account. However, it really came to an end on Jan. 16 when she sat a couple of rows behind the Huskies' bench in a win over Temple.

It wasn't just that the three-time defending national champions were rolling past a solid Temple team as much as it was the chemistry she saw between the players and coaches.

"I love the culture of the program," said Gordon, who averaged 25.9 points and 9.4 rebounds as a junior. "I love the coaching interaction with the players and the players' interaction with the other players. Going there will get me out of my comfort zone and I am all into getting out of my comfort zone because I know he will make me into the best player I can be."

So what does Gordon like the most about how UConn plays?

"The ball movement and how they get everybody involved," Gordon said. "Stewie (Breanna Stewart) and Mo (Moriah Jefferson) are obviously great players but they all know their roles and everybody knows their roles perfectly, they have real good team chemistry and it shows."

The 6-foot Gordon is a tremendous shooter with 3-point range but is also willing to mix it up inside. She often had to guard post players in high school although that won't be the case in the AAU season or when she arrives at UConn.

Gordon, who recently cut her list of schools down to UConn, Baylor, Texas and TCU, had a chance to reflect on what is took to get to this point.

"It is really special," said Gordon, who is interested in sports broadcasting. "I have worked so hard for so long and it is not going to stop, I have so much work to do but just to know that my hard work has gotten me here, it is a blessing. It is crazy, nobody thought I would be at this point. In eighth grade nobody thought I would be here but I worked hard and outcome is crazy."

Gordon joins Jefferson as the only Texas natives to commit to UConn during Geno Auriemma's run with the Huskies. Just as was the case with Jefferson, Gordon's parents were willing to let their daughter make the best decision for herself.

"My parents have been the most supportive people in my recruiting process," Gordon said. "They have always told me it is my decision and not their decision. Both of them going to TCU, of course it was hard for me to say I chose Connecticut but my parents are behind me 100 percent supportive no matter what. It has helped a lot knowing they are on board. they pretty much let me handle it on my own."

Gordon joins Blair Academy's Andra Espinoza-Hunter as players from the Class of 2017 to commit to UConn. Stewart, Jefferson and Morgan Tuck will be playing professionally before Gordon plays her first game at UConn so there will be plenty of eyes on the incoming recruiting class of Molly Bent, Crystal Dangerfield and Kyla Irwin as well as the Class of 2017 to keep UConn in its familiar perch as a national-championship contender.

"The program is a winning program and I don't think that is going to change because they continue to bring in the right people," Gordon said.



Anonymous Joe said...

I suspect, though Geno will probably never admit it out loud, that he wants to get to 14 NCAA Championship games, because Pat Summitt's Tennessee teams made it to 13 Championship games (though they were 8 - 5 in the Finals, 4 of those losses were to UConn).

At this point, it does seem like he cares far more about whether the players have a winning experience. If they work hard and really commit, he'll take them as far as they want to go. If they don't want to do the work, he'll shrug his shoulders and say, "so be it, it's on you now, not on me."

11:14 AM 
Anonymous John B said...


11:20 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Lexi. It's always good to see a Texan bringing Southern charm to Yankee country.

11:43 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see UConn taking a dip in performance and record next season with the loss of the great Stewart and the great Jefferson. Just like UConn dipped after Taurasi and after Maya.

UConn had an amazing run of recruits. Hartley, Dolson, KML, Stokes, Stewart, Jefferson, Tuck. 6 transfers during that time period did not hurt UConn at all.

UConn needs more top players for 2017-18 and/or 2018-19 to get back to the amazing level of the past 4 seasons.

Question is whether top recruits will risk Auriemma retiring before their 4 years are up. He will not be around for ever.

I am not convinced UConn wins a 4th straight. Stewart and Jefferson have been the only consistent players this season.

Tuck knees appear to be affecting her performance the last 3 games against AAC opponents. Why is she not resting for the Sweet 16? Who cares what the margin of victory is, a win is a win.

10:43 AM 

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