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Saturday, February 27, 2016

UConn Senior Class' ultimate legacy: Winning

There are so many numbers to crunch when it comes to telling the story of the last four years for Moriah Jefferson, Breanna Stewart and Morgan Tuck.

However, whenever I have asked the players and especially Stewart about the individual milestones, the answer I would get in return usually would be something like this - the only number that concerns me is wins.

Well, I did some checking and if UConn were to win today and Monday against USF, win the American Athletic Conference title and NCAA championship, they would finish with a 151-5 record. For those wondering, the Maya Moore/Lorin Dixon class at UConn currently holds the NCAA Division I women's basketball record with 150 wins over a four-year span. Even more remarkable is that I found 10 classes with at least 140 wins and eight are from UConn although it includes the 144 wins from 1999-2003 but the lone recruit in the Class of 2003 (Kennitra Johnson) transferred out long before what would have been her senior season.

150: UConn 2007-11 (150-4)
147: UConn 2008-12 (147-7)
146: UConn 2006-10 (146-6)
146: UConn 2011-15 (146-10)
144: UConn 1999-03 (144-5)
144: UConn 2010-14 (144-11)
143: UConn 2009-13 (143-11)
143: Notre Dame 2010-14 (143-10)
140: UConn 2012-16 (140-5)
140: Baylor 2010-14 (140-10)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wins are the most important statistic. Saniya's junior class has an amazing record. But the reality that junior class has had very little to do with UConn's record in the last 3 seasons, including this one.

11:28 AM 

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