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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Some more crazy UConn streak numbers

I'm not sure why I didn't research this before but with a pair of long flights as I return home from Dallas, I did some checking and according to my math there have been 71 Huskies who have played for four seasons for Geno Auriemma and Chris Dailey and 55 of them have been a part of at least one 30-game winning streak (including current seniors Saniya Chong and Tierney Lawlor) while each and every four-year player for Auriemma has been on a Connecticut team with at least one 10-game streak.

As a point of reference, before UConn's 35-game winning streak during the 1994-95 season there were five NCAA Division I women's basketball winning streaks of at least 30 games. The Huskies currently have six such streaks including the three longest in NCAA Division I women's basketball history.

UConn is currently on a record 91-game run as the Huskies go for No. 92 on Tuesday at Tulsa. UConn broke its own 90-game streak set from 2008-10 and that mark topped the previous record of 70 straight set by UConn from 2001-03.

Freshmen Molly Bent, Crystal Dangerfield and Kyla Irwin will be the 12th class at UConn to be a part of a 90-game streak. A total of 27 of the last 28 classes at UConn have had a hand in a 20-game winning streak with 24 of the last 26 classes being a part of a 30-game winning streak.

Here is the class by class breakdown with the longest winning streak in their four seasons. The class needs to be at UConn for a part of the streak. For example, the players who enrolled at UConn 2010 get credit for the previous 78 wins even if they weren't a part of the program at that time.

It should be noted that the only class not to have a 20-game winning streak to its credit since 1990 is the recruiting class of Kia Robinson, Liz Sherwood and Kia Wright  Wright never played for UConn while Robinson and Sherwood played 18 and 25 games during the 2003-04 season before transferring.

1985-89 11
1986-90 11
1987-91 14
1988-92 14
1989-93 14
1990-94 21
1991-95 35
1992-96 35
1993-97 35
1994-98 35
1995-99 33
1996-00 33
1997-01 30
1998-02 70
1999-03 70
2000-04 70
2001-05 70
2002-06 70
2003-07 15
2004-08 21
2005-09 90
2006-10 90
2007-11 90
2008-12 90
2009-13 90
2010-14 90
2011-15 91
2012-16 91
2013-17 91
2014-18 91
2015-19 91
2016-20 91

SNY drew a rating of 7.34 in the Hartford/New Haven market, the highest for a UConn women's game televised on SNY since Feb. 1, 2014.

SNY is on a run of carrying eight of nine UConn games including Tuesday's game at Tulsa. The only break in that run is UConn's return to Gampel Pavilion to face Tulane on Jan. 22 as that game will be on ESPN2.


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