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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Doty has plenty of help in road to recovery

As Caroline Doty has had to deal with yet another torn ACL, her teammates have been incredibly supportive but they are not the only ones.

When Doty met with the media on Wednesday, she was quick to credit assistant coach Shea Ralph, herself a victim of a multitude of serious knee injuries, as well as trainer Rosemary Ragle for helping her as much emotionally as physically on the long road to recovery.

"It gets better every week. During individuals with Shea, she says it looks better than last week and as long as I keep hearing that and knowing that, I will continue to get better. It is still a while to that first game so I have to keep that in the back of my mind too. If I can't do something this week, I still have next week. I am going to keep working at it, get in the gym and make as many shots as I can and working on my weaknesses so I am ready for the games come November."

As for Ragle, here is what Doty had to say.

"She's helped me keep the eye on the prize and I commend her for doing everything that she does, kind of keeping that drive within me, competing every day. Rehab this year was more of being competitive with myself, trying to push myself and get stronger at the same time. I have seen a difference through the past year because of rehab and the intense weight training.

Also, here is what she said about whether she will apply for a fifth season of eligibility, something she is eligible to do because she missed the entire 2010-11 season.

"I really haven't thought about it," Doty said. "I am going to take it day by day. I am going to focus on this season. We have a great schedule, our goal is to go to the Final Four and win a national championship and that is the main focus for now."

The Huskies scrimmages briefly, 10-15 minutes maximum and I was out there for some of it. A couple of impressions. First, Brianna Banks may not have the same range as Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis on her jumper but she is not far behind. Also, in the brief time I was out there I saw Bria Hartley drive aggressively to the basket more than I did in any practice I watched last year. If she adds that to her game on a regular season, she may end up being close to an impossible matchup for opposing teams. Hartley was also playing mostly off the ball which I see happening quite a but this year with Doty returning.

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Anonymous UConn Steve said...

Jim, thanks for the update. How would you compare Brianna Banks outside shot versus Tiffany Hayes? Do you see Hayes taking a leadership role this season or more of a supporting role to Bria Hartley, Stefanie Dolson, and KML? Thanks.

12:48 AM 
Anonymous Joe said...

I'm really looking forward to this season. I hope people don't take this comment the wrong seems to me that UConn this year may well be a better team than last year because of the (dare I say it) absence of Maya Moore? It looked like there were times when they relied on her too much, to their overall detriment. With her gone, many different people all will have to step up, and paradoxically that may well lead to a more satisfying result in the NCAA tournament.

12:23 PM 

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