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Monday, November 14, 2011

Renee Montgomery releases statement about her termination

Former UConn and current Connecticut Sun guard Renee Montgomery was off to an impressive start in the EuroLeague with Uni Seat Gyor when she was abruptly let go by the Hungary-based squad. Montgomery released a statement on her official website giving her side of what led to her being fired.

I left Gyor, Hungary on November 3 after being terminated by my team for refusing to allow them to cheat me. Specifically, after completely honoring my contract, I was owed salary and penalties which my team refused to pay. My contract with Gyor is direct and straight-forward. It provides that if all due money is not paid within 15 days of being owed, 'the player, and her representatives shall be entitled to all monies due in accordance with the Agreement, but the player does not have to perform in practice sessions or games until all scheduled payments have been made.

I gave Gyor multiple opportunities to cure their repeated delinquencies. Gyor failed. As a result, I exercised my right to not practice or play until Gyor paid all money that was owed. Gyor ONLY claimed to have 'fired' me in retaliation after I sent them a legal demand letter (for unpaid salary and penalties) and sat out of practice. I have now  exercised my right, pursuant to contract, to submit the matter to the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT) in Geneva, Switzerland and have it resolved in accordance with the BAT arbitration rules.



Blogger Hacksaw said...

you never backed down on the court, and these hungarian team owners will find you dont back down in court. god bless and goos luck. -long time uconn fan.

11:19 PM 
Blogger VoxPox said...

You go girl....

5:20 PM 
Blogger jimtroche1 said...

good for you. just because you are over seas does not mean you can be cheated of your pay. keep it up and show them UCONN does not produce fools.

9:21 AM 
Blogger jimtroche1 said...

Good for you to fight for what you know is right. Get your pay and show them overseas that Uconn does not produce fools.Good luck to you.

9:26 AM 
Blogger jimtroche1 said...

Go and fight for your rights. Maybe they will learn that you do not mess with american women just because they are playing basketball over seas. Let them know Uconn does not produce fools it produces winners. Good luck to you.

9:30 AM 
Blogger kevinbarry said...

This is not an American issue, nor is it a UCONN issue. Rennee is an individual who is very talented.

If not, she would not have been recruited to play in Europe. Some teams think that they can take advantage of foreign players - unfortunately, they never figured Renee to fight back.

Hang in there Renee - you should be proud of yourself for fighting back.

Unscrupulous teams like this one will lose credibility and will start paying what they owe to the star players, like you, who draw in the fans.

Again, it does not matter that you are an American or that you played at UCONN - except for the fact that you worked hard to excel because you had a great teacher and tutor in Coach Geno.

Any woman, from any country, who is drafted or recruited to play in any league anywhere = deserves to be paid what they were promised.

Hang in there - you gave me, and so many others, many years of great memories when we watched you and your teammates play at UCONN.

Good Luck..

3:40 PM 

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