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Friday, December 09, 2011

UConn rolls by Seton Hall in a weird one

The stretch in the first half when UConn looked absolutely unstoppable en route to racing out to leads of 20-0 and 30-2 was countered by a span of more than 9 minutes in the second half when UConn failed to score a point in a 70-37 victory over Seton Hall.

Naturally UConn coach Geno Auriemma was somewhat perturbed at what he saw from his team after they raced out to the big early lead going as far as saying that the scoreless stretch was unacceptable for a team with as many gifted offensive players as the Huskies possess.

"A little bit of everything, that is an understatement," Auriemma said with a laugh. "It was really weird. The first 10 minutes was kind of productive, we got some things done. The first five or six minutes of the second half, maybe the first 10 minutes, we got a bunch of stuff done. Everything else was a struggle. The fouls in the first half, I think we were called for more fouls in the first half than we had in the entire (Texas A&M) game so the game had no rhythm to it, no flow to it. There were a lot of missed shots. Maybe it is this gym. There are a lot of times when we come down here and not exactly played stellar basketball."

Auriemma was happy to see Caroline Doty drain five 3-pointers and also play a solid floor game with five assists and no turnovers and was also happy with Heather Buck, who had four points and nine rebounds in relief of a foul-prone and ineffective Stefanie Dolson.

Doty, Tiffany Hayes and Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis had 15 points each as UConn beat Seton Hall for the 28th straight time. Hayes added nine rebounds and six assists. Speaking of assists, the Huskies assisted on their first 16 baskets and had 20 assists on 23 field goals.

"I thought in the first half we really got into our stuff and the pressure really helped us," Doty said. "I wasn't sure what it was in the second half. We weren't rebounding when we should of. I don't know if we kind of
got lackadaisical with the way we played but we are hoping to kind of working on in practice in the coming week."

UConn won't play again until Dec. 18 when the Huskies play at Baylor. Final exams start next week so much of the focus will be on taking care of business in the classroom while making time for practice.

"The good thing about exam week is you only have four or five classes so it is only two hours of exams so preparation is the best thing for the actual exam," Doty said. "We had study hall (on Friday) and getting ready for exams that way. When we are on the court, we get away from it that way, reading books, studying and getting all the stuff in your head is draining so it will be nice to just forget about that and just play ball."

While Doty should be well versed in balancing basketball and academics, next week could be challenging for the three UConn freshmen.

"It is all about time management," Mosqueda-Lewis said. "When I have a little break I am doing a little bit of homework. I am not taking as many naps, as much free time as you have is as much time as you need to spend studying."

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