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Monday, August 06, 2012

Lauren Engeln transferring

Junior guard/forward Lauren Engeln is transferring out of UConn according up her former AAU coach Russ Davis of the Cal Swish.

Davis said Engeln made the decision in the "last couple of days" and that Engeln asked for and has been granted her release from UConn.

"It was a difficult decision because Lauren loves the coaches and players but she loves to play and she hasn't played much the last two years."

Engeln has played in 55 career games at UConn and had 78 points and 43 rebounds.

Davis said he wasn't sure where Engeln was going to end up but it would be at a school where she believes she would be able to play a bigger role than she did with the Huskies.

Engeln will become the third member of UConn's graduating class of 2014 to transfer as Samarie Walker is at Kentucky and Michala Johnson transferred to Wisconsin following the 2011-12 season.



Anonymous Joseph M. Smith said...

No surprise Engeln is leaving. Cannot believe it took her this long. Never understood why she signed on with UConn, knowing she would always be a role player.

Will there be enough players for practice in 2013-14 with Faris and Doty leaving and the tiny 2013 recruiting class?

Will there be enough 2014 players willing to sign on with UConn, given the 3 transfers from 1 class, Auriemma's obvious tendancy to recuit role players to fit his 6 or 7 player rotation, and the lawsuit?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

7:21 PM 
Blogger Jim Fuller said...

Practice won't be an issue since male practice players and student managers often get used for practice.

The issue could be having enough players so the starters won't have to be out there at the end of lopsided games.

If I were a freshman or sophomore female student at UConn who played high school ball, I'd give serious consideration to walking on because they could earn some playing time at end of games. My hunch is you'll see a 4-5 member class in 2014 so it will no longer be an issue after next season.

8:31 PM 
Anonymous Joseph M. Smith said...

Thanks, Jim. Definitely do not want to see KML, BStew, and others risking injury at the end of lopsided games.

11:28 PM 

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