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Friday, November 23, 2012

Some video of UConn recruiting target Brianna Turner

Figured I would pass on a link to a video highlight package from the McDonald's Invitational Tournament which includes action of UConn recruiting target Brianna Turner (sent by her father Howard). Enjoy.

Howard Turner said that Brianna will release her top five schools through her AAU program first thing Monday morning.


Blogger Genosguy said...

Some very exciting Texas players anyone of which would be a talent asset to UConn, but do they meet the nice girl, sharing girl concept of Uconn. Turner for a big looked great.

7:56 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sad that 1 of the top 4 WCBB teams will once again be forced to use a freshman center or return to the dreaded 3 guard 2 forward plan. UConn had no one to replace Tina. Stokes is not a legitimate replacement for Dolson at center.

10:32 AM 

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