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Thursday, January 24, 2013

UConn's Bria Hartley "I wasn't blessed with good ankles"

One of the first things that UConn coach Geno Auriemma mentioned after Thursday's practice was how fluidly junior guard Bria Hartley was moving. That has to be music to the ears of Husky Nation as a healthy Hartley changes the way the Huskies play.

Hartley moved pretty well in the Duke game but she also rolled her troublesome ankle late in the game leading Hartley to deliver the gem of a line "I wasn't blessed with good ankles obviously."

Hartley dished out a career-high nine assists in Monday's win over Duke and seems to be moving better with each passing day after being forced to miss most of preseason camp with a sprained ankle.

"I have a lot more confidence out there playing," Hartley said. "I was moving a little bit better, my ankle wasn't bothering so that is always good, I thought these two days (with no practice) helped me, helped my body recuperate.".

Speed is such a key part of Hartley's game so when she was hobbled with the ankle issue it prevented her from playing at her highest level.

"I think I am I one of the fastest players on the team and I am able to beat people off the dribble and usually take pride in my ball handling," Hartley said. "I think when I am able to get to the basket, I am able to create for my teammates and I am able to create for myself so I think that is when I am at my best.

"I think it creates a lot of shots for myself and am able to hit 3-pointers, guards will come out and I will be able to go by them and I think it opens opportunities for my team."

Auriemma heard from one of his closest friends this morning when Villanova Harry Perretta called to vent about the second-half meltdown resulting in a loss to Providence. At some point, the conversation turned to rumors that the Catholic 7 could be out of the Big East at the end of the 2012-13 season.

"He had just taken his head out of the microwave because he lost to Providence so what did the associate Provost Harry Perretta have to say? He said that a couple of Catholic (school) Presidents are meeting to discuss what is happening (in the coming days). He thinks they won't be in the league next.year."

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