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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Breanna Stewart hoping to think less, play more

Breanna Stewart isn't lacking for people offering helpful hints or giving the talented UConn freshman unsolicited advice to get her out of her current on-court funk. However, Stewart admitted that any adjustments that need to be made need to start with the person who knows her the best - herself.

"I seem to be getting a lot of encouragement, oh my gosh," Stewart said with a laugh. "But  talking to my dad, he is somebody he is always there for me so he is somebody I can talk to about it and help me get out of it as well.

"I am not going to say it is too much (feedback) because I appreciate people's support but there are only a few people who are going to be able to help me figure out and I am going to have it figure it out because I know myself best."
Stewart had played at least 17 minutes in her first 24 games but found herself limited to seven uneventful minutes in Monday's loss to Baylor. She missed both of her field-goal attempts and failed to register a point or a rebound, a first for her since arriving at UConn.

"I think maybe I was worrying about things too much and sometimes when you do that, it doesn't help you," Stewart said. "I think that is something I am really holding onto is  knowing what I can do. I think if it was something that was unreachable or something like that and I wasn't that type of player than it would be different. Being in this situation before, I know I can do it so it is something that is just helping me
"Obviously I feel like I let my team down because not playing well and not helping the team as much as I can. You want to try to play through those things but obviously a big game like that, there is only o so many minutes in the game and you kind of run out of time."

UConn coach Geno Auriemma wasn't in much of a mood to address the short-term playing time of Stewart.

"There is really not much you can say because when you struggle like she has struggled, searching as much as she is searching it is hard to come in here every day and walk around like you have the whole world in the palm of your hand so it is going to take a while so hopefully little by little (it will come back)," Auriemma said. "We can't worry about Breanna Stewart right now, we have games to win Saturday and Tuesday, we have two next weekend and we can't worry about Breanna Stewart. Breanna Stewart has got to take care of Breanna Stewart and I have to make sure I am doing the right thing for the rest of the team."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there Stewie we know u can do it

6:16 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree,hang in there. You are more than capable in solving this.

6:56 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not understand the need to ask UConn players questions. They reply with programmed answers that will keep them on the team. They reply with coach speak. They reply with "my performance was unacceptable" or "I have to do a better job". Talk is cheap. And the players certainly are not going to speak their minds. Behind the scenes stuff affects players. Unfortunately for fans, players are not allowed to tell the truth.

1:52 PM 

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