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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kiah Stokes' dad said she's at UConn for the long haul

Apparently in Iowa there have been rumors of Kiah Stokes considering leaving UConn due to a lack of playing time.

I received an email when I was in New Orleans from a reporter from the Des Moines Register to see if I would do a phone interview with him on Kiah Stokes. I spent a few minutes on the phone with him and one of the questions I was asked was whether I thought Stokes would be leaving. I said that she seems to like it at UConn but you never can predict such things and I said I was not expecting either Michala Johnson or Lauren Engeln to transfer after last season.

Well, today another Iowa paper, The Gazette, posted a story where Stokes' father Greg Stokes shot down any talk that Kiah is thinking of leaving.

Here is some of what Greg Stokes, one of the best players in the history of the Iowa men's basketball program, had to say in the story.

“I think it would be correct to say that it’s been a disappointing season for her. She’s been battling (leg and back) injuries.

“And the mental things, she’s had to deal with a lot. (Coach Geno Auriemma) has expectations for everybody, including her, that she has to bring it every time she steps on the floor.

“If she doesn’t bring it every day, she’s not going to be rewarded with playing time.

“She has the physical skills. That’s the easy part. Once she gets the mental aspect, she can be a beast.”

I thought Greg Stokes was one of the best parents I've ever dealt with in the recruiting process and reading those quotes only strengthens my opinion of him. Stokes obviously "gets it" iny opinion and is supporting UConn coach Geno Auriemma's coaching of his daughter.

Stokes is an extremely talented player, a natural shot blocker who could make an impact at UConn but as her father said, it starts in practice. Stokes has made some progress in that area and if she can put it all together, she brings a unique dimension to the UConn team.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kiah can be an impact player getting 10-15 minutes of play per game. She has great rebounding skills, needs to be more agressive going back up with offensive rebounds. Great attitute and poise.
Geno will get the best out of each of his players and secure their future beyond basketball. Thanks for providing Kiah to CT.

8:48 AM 
Anonymous Joe said...

Nice to read her father's support: "you have the greatest women's basketball coach the game has ever seen. If he says you need to develop mental toughness to compete successfully at the highest levels, then listen to him and work on your mental discipline. It may seem hard and unfair now, but once you develop it, it will serve you well in other endeavors for the rest of your life. Meanwhile, I'm here to love and support you through the tough times."

very mature and sensible advice from a father to his daughter!

11:47 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is Kiah's physical state now? How's the stress fracture coming along? What is wrong with her back? In contrast to Michala Johnson, Stokes is enormously talented, and can be a huge contributor to UConn. Seems as though a lot of this comes from pain and injuries.

12:59 PM 
Anonymous mrmojack said...

From what I read on the recruiting side, we do not have a center on the radar for the next two recruiting classes. That may mean that Kia will
back up Stef again next yr. If she
starts to get her offense developed she may see many more minutes next year and then possible be a starter in her senior yr. I really like the way she plays and I hope this off season will be the turning point of

6:20 PM 
Blogger Genosguy said...

I like Kiah's father, he's a down to earth guy.
I have loved Kiah since she arrived. Her potential and gift is amazing.

Now if Kiah's dad does for her what Kaleena's dad did a year ago for Kaleena Uconn will be in the deep sugar. Kiah is she gives herself a chance, will be the next Uconn center. She could relieve or play next to Dolson next year. The kid is talented and has great instincts on defense. If she can become an offensive force, Geno will be 9th heaven (get the message).

8:45 PM 

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