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Monday, April 08, 2013

Interesting memories of 2009 title game for Monique Reid

                                                (Associated Press photo)
Monique Reid is the only player remaining who took
part in 2009 national title game.

A chance encounter with former UConn great Tina Charles resulted in a flood of memories returning for Louisville fifth-year senior forward Monique Reid and the effervescent Reid was more than happy to offer her unique recollections as the only player who took to the court when UConn and Louisville met in the 2009 national title game.

So did Reid recall one of the two baskets she made? No, something significantly more humbling is what she took out of that contest.

"My great memory was playing against Tina Charles and I remember she blocked my shot three times but I got three rebound. I shot, she blocked it, I shot, she blocked it and I got it, I got it, I pump faked and she  blocked it into the band. She tapped me on my butt and said 'that's all right, good job.' I saw her this summer and we talked about it and I thought it was pretty funny. I always looked up to her so it was pretty funny."

That is not the only piece of UConn history she is fully aware of. She didn't hesitate when blurting out the year "1993" asked if she recalled the last time Louisville defeated UConn.

"I was 3," Reid said with a laugh. "I think I was at the game. Just kidding."

Reid wasn't laughing when she fell to the court with yet another knee injury in Sunday's semifinal win over California.

"I was thinking 'this could not be happening,'" Reid said. "Then Coach (Jeff) Walz came over and said 'which leg is it' and I said 'it was my bad leg.' He said you have been playing on one leg and you've been fine and I said 'you are right.'"

Reid has scored more than 1,700 career points but she has been slowed later in her career due to serious knee injuries. She has already undergone microfracture surgery and likely will need another one after the season is over but she has no regrets about returning for a fifth season of eligibility.

"The doctor said 'you are going to be in a lot of pain every day and it is going to be hard but I talked to my family, I talked to my trainer and it really helped a lot just helping to push through is my teammates believing in me," Reid said. "Coach Walz believes in me. Some people might think he is crazy putting somebody out there on one leg but I just go out there and try my hardest to help my team and it is just inside me, I have come too far to quite now."


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