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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis doing UConn No. 23 jersey proud

Maya Moore had some fun with Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis when she found out in highly-touted incoming freshman wanted to wear the No. 23 which Moore wore with such distinction en route to being the Huskies' all-time leading scorer.

After playfully suggesting that she would have to think about it before giving permission for Mosqueda-Lewis the permission to wear her number, it was never in question that Mosqueda-Lewis would have No. 23.

After seeing Mosqueda-Lewis up close and in person at the Final Four in New Orleans in April Moore knows that the No. 23 is in pretty good hands.

"I told her she can keep the number in New Orleans she could officially keep the number," Moore said. "She had a great year. She is just an unbelievable shooter and can score in a number of ways. She reminds me of myself in that the coaches are trying to make sure she can score from anywhere on the court, taking advantage of those guards inside and killing them on the outside when they give her room on the perimeter. She has really expanded her game and I think she can take it to an even higher level. I think there were moments when she was struggling, kid of getting caught in the mix but towards the end of the year there was no question where she was and that is the hardest thing to do. They know she wants the ball, she can score and where she wants to score the ball she still does it anyway. I am very proud of her development."

Moore also talked about UConn's rising sophomore Breanna Stewart who earned Most Outstanding Player honors at the Final Four..

"Stewie, it is kind of scary to think of how good she can become and also not getting too caught up in how much better she can get and appreciating how good she is now and perfecting things she is good at while expanding her game at the same time because she already has a pretty good offensive game where she can shoot the ball from the outside and she can score on the inside. The mental side of things she got a good taste of it during her freshman year, how that looks and how that looks at Connecticut, just staying with things and persevering  through the hard times and nobody will be able to stop her

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Blogger James Kerwin said...

Maya was more athletic than KML.
But KML is a better all around Basketball player as a Soph than Maya was as a Soph. Kaleena does everything score outside, inside, in between, rebound and pass and plays decent defense. Maya wasn't that all around until late her Junior year. Maya was taken off her game by bumping her--they bump Kaleena with no success. Maya is an excellent pro and was among the top 4 in Uconn history in being factor in big wins--KML is following that lead.

1:31 PM 

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