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Monday, November 11, 2013

Injury to Mosqueda-Lewis casts pall over UConn's victory

In a perfect world all the post-game banter after UConn's 76-57 win over third-ranked Stanford would be centering around the production the Huskies received from reserves Kiah Stokes, Morgan Tuck and Saniya Chong.

However, the vision of All-American Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis writhing in pain after she injured her right elbow and perhaps her right hand and/or wrist as well after a hard fall to the ground with 18:08 left in the game changed the focus in a major way.

UConn coach Geno Auriemma said he doesn't expect to know the severity of Mosqueda-Lewis' injuries until tomorrow morning although he said he didn't expect to have for the upcoming road trip against Maryland and Penn State.

UConn senior guard Bria Hartley spoke to Mosqueda-Lewis in the locker room after the game and she received encouraging news.

"She said it was probably one of the most painful things that she felt but she said she was going to be all right," Hartley said.

Obviously it would be a major blow if Mosqueda-Lewis is out for an extended period and seeing and hearing her crying on the court was disconcerting for her teammates, coaches and fans alike.

"They don't know anything right now, she landed on her palm on the floor and her elbow hit the floor so there are two separate things that they are trying to figure out there and I guess we will know more after tomorrow morning," Auriemma said. "When I saw it, I could tell that her elbow had hit the floor, I didn't see what had happened before that..We have all been there at some point and it hurts, so I am sure it is all new to her. We are playing with our fingers crossed the entire season so anything that we see that looks like that is kind of disheartening a little bit.

"It is hard to tell. Some people just scream and yell like they just got run over by a car and it turns out it is nothing because mostly they are panicking, they are scared and that is why they are screaming and yelling, you look at their face and they are in shock because they are scared death. Then we are running a 3 on 2 drill when Sue Bird was here and 'oh, I felt something.' I go 'you all right.' She said 'yeah, I'm good let's keep going' and it turns out she just tore her ACL so sometimes it is confusing because everybody reacts differently. some minor things hurt like hell and some major things don't hurt at all. I have kind of learned to wait, let it go and stop hyperventilating because it hurts, wait until the doctors and Rosemary (Ragle, UConn's athletic trainer) tell me what is going on."

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