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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Dolson provides the laughs in UConn's laugher

The game's outcome had long since been decided but Stefanie Dolson's work was not done.

Dolson had been taken out of UConn's 72-42 win over Cincinnati in the American Athletic Conference quarterfinals with 8:21 to play with the Huskies holding a 32-point lead. About 2 1/2 minutes later Dolson had the best seat in the house for UConn coach Geno Auriemma's hop, step and skip to avoid the oncoming trio of UConn's Moriah Jefferson and Brianna Banks and Kayla Cook of Cincinnati.

Never one to let a chance to play to the crowd pass, Dolson rose from her seat and imitated Auriemma's scamper down the sidelines.

"His move to get out of the way was even better because you don't usually see him move that fast and I kind of took my opportunity to have some fun with the crowd," Dolson said. "Coach didn't see me do it. It is hilarious to see him do that, put his little hands out like that. I knew the crowd would love it so I figured I would do it."

Auriemma heard the laughter from the crowd after the fact but had no idea what caused it all.

"I didn't see it, is that why everybody was laughing?" Auriemma said. "I will have to do and watch it when I watch the film. Back in the day I remember Tonya Cardoza did that at the (1991) Final Four, she came flying over there and I caught her and I was 40-something years old and I saw those guys coming towards me. I only needed to be quick for three steps to get the hell out of the way, there was no way I was standing there and being a part of that collision, sorry. I don't want anybody getting hurt especially me."


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