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Sunday, March 30, 2014

UConn's Hartley rebounds after quiet first half

As she gave the question a bit of thought Bria Hartley determined that as frustrating as it was not to have scored a point in the first half of Saturday's regional semifinal against Brigham Young, it bothered her more than she only got two shot attempts.

Hartley has been the picture of consistency on the offensive end during a senior season that is likely to end with her becoming a WBCA All-American for the second time. But she was practically invisible in the first half as UConn found itself lucky to be up by one at halftime.

It took all of 2:37 for her to match her field-goal attempt output in the second half. Although she missed both of those shots, at least she was beginning to return to the aggressive offensive mentality she has displayed all season long.

She broke through with a 3-pointer with 17:01 left to play beginning a stretch of 4:36 where she scored 11 of her 12 points to enable the Huskies to finally shrug off the pesky Cougars.

"I was a little frustrated but I only took two shots in the game (at halftime) so I was 0-fer but it was only two shots and you miss two shots all the time in the game," Hartley said. "I wanted to come out there and be really aggressive. I always say transition is where I am really able to excel. I wanted to get out there and get out on the wing. I thought Moriah did a good job of finding me and just wanted to do something to help my team.

"If you look at the two shots, I don't think I was aggressive as I needed to be. Coach (Geno Auriemma) kind of said that to me during the timeout to attack off the ball screens because even if I am not able to get a shot, it helps me create for other people. I am always playing the best when I am aggressive and kind of chill a little bit sometimes and that is when I am not at my best."



Anonymous UConn Husky Fan said...

Jim, kudos to the article on Hartley! Nice to see Stewart not getting "blamed" for UConn's subpar performance.

ESPN has been on a year long mission to hype Stewart into being as good as Taurasi and the best player in UConn and WCBB history. They should be ashamed for the that.

I think all that hype has convinced Dolson and Hartley that Stewart should win another NC for them.

I do not know if Geno or CD instructed Dolson what to say at halftime. But Dolson literally threw the young Stewart under the bus. In all my years watching college basketball, I never heard any single player called out on national TV by a teammate.

Hartley looked like it was her junior season. She deferred to her 4 teammates. She got burned on defense. Hartley looked lost in the first half, maybe even shell shocked.

UConn has played not to lose in a half or a game several times in the last 5 seasons. So it was no surprise to see it happen again yesterday.

The 7 losses to Notre Dame. The loss to St Johns at home. The end of the loss to Baylor. And the game that most hurt WCBB acceptance amongst the haters, the disastrous UConn-Stanford national championship game.

All the talk about this UConn team being the best ever is nonsense. BYU game proved that. UConn has not even won this season's NC. It would not surprise me to see A&M or any remaining team beat UConn, with the pressure they are under to make history.

2001-02 UConn team with 5 WNBA first round draft picks and the 2008-09 UConn team with Renee, Tina, and Maya, were better than this present UConn team.

11:06 AM 

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