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Saturday, May 24, 2014

UConn commit more than just a shooter

The first vision of I had of UConn commit Katie Lou Samuelson during the U-17 practices yesterday did not include her draining a 3-pointer with ridiculous ease but going inside and fighting off a pair of opposing players for a rugged rebound in practice.

Every scouting report of the 6-foot-3 Samuelson begins with a description of her seemingly unlimited range but Samuelson wants to be so much more than just a brilliant shooter.

"I definitely don't want to be labeled as just a shooter," Samuelson said. "I hoping in college I won't be just a shooter, I will be able to expand my game a little more but it all depends what role Coach Auriemma wants me to play and I am willing to to do whatever he needs me to do."

As for the shot, Samuelson's form is pretty much perfect and the release is about as quick as they come. It all looks so natural but there was quite a bit of hard work that went into developing her shot.

Russ Davis, her AAU coach, said that Samuelson used to beg her father to take her out to a court to get more shots in well before she became a high school prodigy or USA Basketball regular.

"Always being the youngest I had to do more to be as good as my sisters," Samuelson said. "It was always 'oh, they are always going to be better than me. Dad, let's go do something so they can't be better than me.' Playing against them made me better and that is how I have always been very competitive."

"I think it is mostly because my dad shot with all of us," Samuelson said. "He made sure our shot was in place before we did anything because he always said there is no point of practicing a shot 100 times if you are practicing it the wrong way, it is like beating a dead horse so he probably gets the most credit for my shot."


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