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Thursday, October 30, 2014

UConn's game at Colgate was news to Breanna Stewart

As I reported on Tuesday, UConn signed a contract to play at Colgate next season so that Breanna Stewart could play a game close to her home.

Well, when I asked her about having a game set up so friends and family could see her play within an hour of her Syracuse home, she admitted it was the first she was hearing about it.

"I didn't know about that," Stewart said. "Obviously not to look ahead but it will be neat to have a game like that where people can see you play your senior year."

It was not an easy task for UConn to find a game for Stewart which is nothing new as the Huskies had the same problem trying to secure a homecoming game for Maya Moore.

"Ultimately you would it to be in her hometown but it is getting harder and harder to pull that stuff off," Auriemma said. "Teams are less inclined to bring back a player that they thought they should have gotten, they are going to come and play in your gym against you. That is just the world that has been created. I think it will be good for it is kind of like playing at the University of Hartford last year. You go in and it is a small gym, it is kind of different from what you are used to, score some points with our President (Susan Herbst) because her brother is the president at Colgate."

So has Auriemma had a conversation with Herbst about getting the Colgate contract signed?

"No but she will mention something if we don't play well and lose."

The winners here will be the folks at Colgate. Last year 12 home games drew a total of 5,471 fans. Cotterell Court holds 1,760 or 3,000 depending on where on the Colgate site you look. Needless to say that the game, expected to be played around Thanksgiving, will be one of the largest home women's basketball crowds in Colgate's history.


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