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Monday, January 26, 2015

Some thoughts on UConn's strength of schedule

I don't recall a season when UConn's strength of schedule getting as much attention as this year. I've certainly been among those pointing out what life has been like without teams like Notre Dame and Louisville in the same conference.

My curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to see how UConn's resume stacks up as most teams approach the 20-game point in the season.

Using the Real Time RPI site, I found that UConn has a many top 25 wins as any other team and among 10 teams with the top RPIs, UConn ranks fourth in wins against the top 50 and top 100 in the RPI. I found it interesting that South Carolina doesn't appear to receive anywhere near the same amount of criticism about its schedule yet UConn leads the Gamecocks 4-1 in top 25 wins, 5-3 in top 50 victories and 10-6 in top 100 wins.

Here's the breakdown with the top 10 teams in the RPI. I included No. 11 Oregon State because the site did not include yesterday's games in its most recent report and I anticipate Oregon State moved into the top 10 after the win over Arizona State.

                               Top 25 Top 50 Top 1001 Notre Dame          4-1       8-1       14-2
2 Baylor                   1-1      4-1        11-1
3 Arizona State        1-2      6-2          9-2
4 Tennessee             2-2       5-3       10-3
5 Maryland              3-1       7-1       11-2
6 UConn                  4-0       5-1       10-17 Kentucky             4-2        4-3         6-4
8 South Carolina     1-0       3-0         6-0
9 Texas                    2-2       3-4         7-4
10 N. Carolina         0-3       1-4         9-4
11. Oregon State     3-1        6-1        7-1

It should be noted that these numbers will change in a negative way for the Huskies who will only play five teams in the top 100 during the remainder of the regular season which is the lowest of the teams listed above. Baylor, Kentucky and Texas will not face a team with an RPI outside the top 100 for the rest of the regular season.

With tomorrow expecting to be a nightmarish day to travel, I reached out to East Carolina women's basketball sports information contact Adam Miller to see what the plans were for the Pirates to get here for Wednesday's game. He said that the team's charter is set to leave later this afternoon so there shouldn't be any issues with the team unable to make it to the XL Center for Wednesday's contest.


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