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Sunday, January 04, 2015

UConn no strangers to Madison Square Garden

There's always a special feeling to playing a game at Madison Square Garden for the players and coaches. The Huskies have been more fortunate than most non-New York based teams as today's game against St. John's will make the sixth in the last nine seasons that UConn gets to play in the World's Most Famous Arena.

"It is right up there with the Palestra," UConn coach Geno Auriemma said. "I think the tradition that it had and it is earned. Places like Madison Square Garden and places like the Palestra, they don't have that aura just because somebody decided to give them that aura, they have earned that over the last 60-70 years it seems like If you think about some of the games, some of the teams, some of the coaches that have played in the Garden, been in those locker room, stood on those sidelines, stood on that court, it is pretty remarkable that you have an opportunity to do that. It is something you will look back on in your career ...

"The last time we played there we played California and one of our walk-ons Tierney Lawlor made a 3 and that is a moment that will be with her for the rest of her life so I think there are things that go on at the Garden that are special and anytime our kids play there I always look forward to it."

Here's a look at UConn's previous games at Madison Square Garden
Jan. 21, 2007: UConn 84, St. John's 63
Dec. 14, 2008: UConn 77, Penn State 63
Dec. 19, 2010: UConn 81, Ohio State 50
Jan. 12, 2011: UConn 84, St. John's 52
Dec. 22, 2013: UConn 80, California 47


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