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Friday, March 27, 2015

For Dayton's Jabir, the ink can wait

A year ago Jim Jabir promised his Dayton team that if they reached the Sweet 16 that he would get a tattoo.

Considering that much of the nucleus of that team is the same, he revisited his deal. Well, thanks to an upset of second-seeded Kentucky, Jabir and the Flyers have indeed made it to the regionals and he is ready to be true to his word - in true time.

I patiently waited for a few questioned to be asked of Jabir during Friday's press conference but when none of them included any inquiries about his tattoo and I did not see a skull and crossbones on his forehead, I decided to be the one to bring up the question that I am sure most of the people in the room would have eventually asked.

Jabir joked that he was going to respond by getting up, dropping his trousers to show off the artwork but instead he played it straight.

I don't have it yet," Jabir said. "We are going to get together as a team and watch me get a tattoo when all the fun is over.

"It is going to be so small, you'd have to really search for it and it will be very discreet. I am a 52 year old man , I don't need to be walking around getting tattoos."


Anonymous Joe said...

Dayton won against Louisville today, handily. I didn't see the game but it appears from the recap that Louisville missed a lot of shots, no way to tell if Dayton's defense had anything to do with that or not.

Be careful on Monday, Huskies. If they are red-hot and we are ice-cold, it could get tricky.

As Geno says though, it is always satisfying to earn a victory against a good team playing well.

Go Huskies!

4:43 PM 

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