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Monday, March 23, 2015

Rutgers' C. Vivian Stringer said focus is on coaching not salary

Her Sunday morning press conference had come to an end but Rutgers' Hall of Fame coach C. Vivian Stringer wasn't done talking just yet.
The Asbury Park Press reported that Stringer was the third-highest paid state employee in the state of New Jersey in 2014 when she earned $1.6 million. A couple of reporters from New Jersey were interviewing Stringer about the reported $500,000 bonus she would receive if she were to beat two-time defending national champion UConn to advance to the Sweet 16, she took the opportunity to try to set the record straight.
"You guys have it all wrong in terms of my (salary) figures," Stringer said. "My pay has been cut in half so let's not get it twisted. When you talk about that (bonus), Vivian is trying to earn her way back. I would have to win a God-darn (national) championship to get the money I was getting before. It bothers me because I am just trying to win a basketball game. I have been trying to think about basketball, I don't know where you get those figures but it is not right and it needs to be straightened out because I don't want the people in the state thinking I am getting 1.6 (million). I am not getting 1.6 million. You give me some of that and I will give you some of it because that is not what is happening because my pay has been cut in half and for me to get anywhere near my pay, I would have to win a championship.

"I am just trying to win a basketball game. On the personal side, that is called an incentive. If you get a Pulitzer Prize, you get an incentive.  Why is it all of a sudden if you win the first round, you are going to win this (bonus)? That sends a bad message to the fans and to the kids. When I was at Cheyney State, I didn't get paid one dime, I still took the team to the Final Four, I still had one of the best records in the country. I was going to do it anyway, it is something I love. I hate the fact that you guys attach money to it because that is not the case. Do I like that my pay got cut? No, nobody likes to have their pay cut but I am grateful for the opportunity to earn it back. The truth of the matter is I would be busting my tail to win a national championship no matter what (she got paid), how much more clear do I have to be?"


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