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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Mosqueda-Lewis among the UConn greats

It just worked out that the best day to get the 1989-90 UConn team back to Gampel Pavilion was also the day when Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis became the 16th women's player inducted into the Huskies of Honor.

The timing was ideal as UConn coach Geno Auriemma was asked after yesterday's Senior Day win over Memphis who would win a game of H-O-R-S-E and how Mosqueda-Lewis who fare in a shooting contest against some of the great shooters on past UConn teams. The first name he mentioned just happened to be the star of that 1989-90 team, the first one to play at Gampel.

"It was just for fun, I could flip a coin," Auriemma said. "If there was a ton of money on the table my guess is on a couple of guys. I think what K (Mosqueda-Lewis) does is really hard to do. She has perfected something and the ball comes out of her hand 99.999 percent of the time exactly the same way. Very few kids can do that.  She is a great shooter because the ball comes out the same way every time. The next thing that great shooters have  is they have to have a mindset of every time the ball leaves my hand it is going in. If they miss three in a row they know they are going to make the next 10 and that is how they act. She has gotten to that point.

"I am one of the most fortunate people in the world because I have a bunch of those guys in 30 years, one of them is here today Kerry Bascom. There is a segment of the world that if there is one kid taking one shot, that is the kid I want shooting. She is from New Hampshire, she don't know diddly about anything. She never read newspapers about how good she was, there was no social media. She didn't have to worry about if I miss what's going to happen. She didn't care and that is the best attitude for most shooters to have. Then you have D (Diana Taurasi) she might not take any shots until the one she has to make and Sue (Bird) might be better than all of them with the game on the line and I haven't even gotten to Maya (Moore) yet. As you go through all of those guys, how can one program get that many. We have fortunate. This kid we have right now, it is the most beautiful (shot). Every time it leaves her hand, it if doesn't go in 'what happened, somebody check the rim.'"

When you look at the list of WNBA career leaders, four of the top 20 in career points played at UConn and three of the top 20 in total 3-pointers are former Huskies so being considered as perhaps the best shooter in UConn history is quite the honor.

Mosqueda-Lewis moved into 11th on the NCAA Division I 3-point career list as the five she made put her at 367. Mosqueda-Lewis is nine behind the No. 10 player on the list (Oklahoma's Aaryn Ellenberg).

Here is the breakdown

PLAYER, SCHOOL           YEARS           G    3-PT PTS  REB AST STL BLK (TO)
1 Laurie Koehn, Kansas St. 2002-05          121 392  1733 362  218  112   10 (238)
1 Heather Butler, UT Martin 2011-14        129 392  2865 476 467  168   12 (287)
3 Erin Thorn, BYU 2000-03                       127 391  2061 214 505  236   47 (318)
3 Shrieka Evans, Grambling 2000-03         117 391
5 Jaleesa Ross, Fresno St      2008-11         134 389  2143  660 365 247 44 (230)
6 Dawn Evans, J. Madison   2008-11         125 387  2667  353 564 168 33 (515)
6 Shoni Schimmel, Louisville 2011-14      142 387 2174 552 600 262 40 (485)
8 Kim MacMillan, LIU/St. John's
                                          2000-02, 04       117 379  1963 498 209 183  6
9 Chynna Bozeman, Morehead St 2008-11 125 377 2130 577 394 251 38 (401)
10 Aaryn Ellenberg, Oklahoma 2011-14    134 376  2328 472 245 202 18 (347)
11. Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis                     132 367  2017 716 304 156 20 (192)



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