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Thursday, June 11, 2015

"Weak moment" results in new non-conference series for UConn

Nebraska coach Connie Yori delivered one of the best quotes I have seen from an opposing coach discussing a regular-season series with UConn.

"I think it was a really weak moment for me," Yori told the Journal Star. “It must have been coming off a win or something when we got the call, because those are things after the fact when you say, ‘What did I just do?’ No, it will be a great experience for us to play the best team in the country at their place. It will be an opportunity to learn a lot from that experience."

Talks for the Nebraska-UConn series can be traced back to when the Huskies played in the 2014 regional at Nebraska in front of packed houses even though the Huskers were upset and did not reach the regionals.

The series will begin next year with a game in Connecticut as part of the 11-game non-conference schedule. The plan is for UConn to announce the details of its non-conference schedule next week.


Anonymous Joe said...

It's great to see that so many schools want to schedule UConn. Geno put the challenge out there: "if you want to beat us, play better than us" and it is encouraging to see so many coaches who want to take him up on that!

12:52 PM 

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